How to Fold (Baking)

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7-08-2021, 04:00
In baking, to "fold" is the term used for gently combining a delicate mixture into a heavier textured, thicker mixture in a way that will ensure that both mixtures are properly combined without impeding the ability of both mixtures to work as desired. Folding is often concerned with ensuring that air bubbles in the lighter mixture are not burst by the heavier mixture. The method of folding outlined here applies generally; always follow any additional folding instructions provided by your recipe.


  1. Follow the recipe's instructions properly. Folding usually occurs after you have already mixed the mixtures separately in their own containers. While this means more work and dishes, it also means a better end result, so it's worth doing what the recipe asks!
  2. Use a metallic spoon or a rubber spatula. The thinness of either implement is important for making it easier to fold correctly.
  3. Add the delicate mixture to the heavy mixture. Never do this the other way around, so as to avoid the risk of overwhelming the delicate mixture, and potentially bursting air bubbles, or causing other overwhelming reactions.
  4. Use the metallic spoon or spatula in a cutting action. Cut down through the center of the two mixtures and bring the heavy mixture back up to the top. Baking 911 explains this as the: "down-across-up-and-over motion", which explains it well. Turn the bowl as you are doing this, to ensure that the folding is evenly distributed. Do not stir!
  5. Continue until both mixtures are adequately combined. See "Tips" for avoiding over- or under-folding.


  • This is an ideal method for adding beaten egg whites and whipped cream to a heavier mixture.
  • Be sure to fold mixtures together that have the same temperature. For example, room temperature is best for items such as eggs.
  • Batter that is insufficiently folded will leave a sticky, wet layer on the pan base after baking; batter that has been over-folded will inhibit higher rising of the baked item because the air bubbles have been burst.


  • Never add the heavier mixture to the lighter; always add lighter to heavier mixture.

Things You'll Need

  • Metallic spoon or rubber spatula
  • Bowl
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