How to Be Feminine

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Do you want to enhance your feminine side? If you really want to embrace your inner lady, then you have to adopt the mindset of a more traditional woman and cultivate grace, politeness and capability. If you want to project a feminine image, just follow these steps.

Looking Feminine

  1. Wear the correct clothes for your body shape and size - ones that are pretty and modest. Start wearing skirts instead of pants or jeans — nothing works better at defining you as a girl who cherishes her femininity. A skirt looks cute paired with a blouse, belt and flats. Don't wear skirts too short. The right length is just above the knee so you look demure and nice. Don't fall for the 'girly' trap of wearing pink or baby blue, if you look great in black or navy blue or perhaps maroon. Nothing really beats a classic pencil skirt, while a pleated skirt can be both cute and comfortable. If you've been wearing jeans for years, wearing a skirt will be a revelation; it will make you feel classy and feminine, especially when you're out with friends who are all wearing jeans or if you're the only girl at work wearing a skirt.
    • Dresses (fit & flare dresses with a belt) are sweet too.
    • Always wear hosiery rather than bare legs. Go for the classic sheer look and avoid patterns. Tan or nearly black are also great colours to choose. Your skirt will help you enjoy the feeling of having your legs on display, so never wear opaque.
    • Wear flat shoes if you don't like heels. The key is to choose something simple and classy
    • Avoid the "just rolled out of bed" look. Don't wear anything that hides your shape. Whatever you wear, people should be able to tell you've put some time and effort into putting your look together.
  2. Wear a little makeup. This step is not necessary, but it will help make you look a little more feminine. Red and pink lipstick and neutral eyeshadows will help to create a feminine look. But remember, you do not need makeup. Wear it only if you want to. If you're not comfortable with makeup, then so be it.
    • If you're really opposed to makeup, make sure your lips are moist by wearing lip balm whenever you can.
  3. Accessorize. In addition to your clothes and makeup, you should spend some time finding the perfect accessories to go with your wardrobe. You don't need a box full of accessories -- just a few key items can help tie your look together and can make you look more feminine. Here are some items to consider as you work on your more feminine look:
    • A pretty silk scarf
    • Pearl earrings or other studs
    • A cute headband
    • A ribbon hair barrette
    • Some thin silver bracelets
    • Rings that are cute, but not too chunky or flashy
  4. Love every inch of your body. Your body is what makes you female, so how can you be feminine if you don't embrace your female form? A woman's body naturally has a higher body fat percentage than that of a man, so don't dismiss your curves. On the other hand, part of loving your body is taking care of it, so maintain a healthy diet, get enough sleep and exercise to stay in shape. Fortunately, you don't have to look like a model to look feminine.
    • Loving every inch of your body doesn't mean flaunting your body or showing it off every chance you get. It just means loving how you look and being comfortable in your own skin.
    • Don't think that you can't work out because it's not lady-like. Taking a yoga class, a dance class or running or swimming will get you more in touch with your feminine side and will make you love your body even more.
  5. Set aside time for grooming. Though you don't have to take a two-hour shower every day or spend an hour doing your hair, you should make sure that you always look, feel and smell clean and that you've devoted enough time to keeping up a ladylike appearance. Showing up somewhere after working out without showering is not very feminine; make sure that you exude cleanliness and poise and look relatively put together wherever you go.
    • Never look like you rushed to get your look together in time or put on makeup or comb your hair in front of your friends because you didn't have time to do it before.
  6. Wear perfume or scented lotion. If you want to look like a lady, then you have to smell like a lady. Consider putting a dab of perfume on your neck or rubbing some scented lotion on your neck or arms. Remember to only use a light touch , You don't want to overwhelm anyone with perfume that is overpowering

Acting like a Lady

  1. Be graceful. In most societies, women are thought to be more naturally graceful than men. There are always exceptions, of course, and it is totally up to you whether you choose gracefulness to express of your femininity. Generally, however, many women appear more feminine when they make smooth movements, rather than jerky, powerful ones. And, of course, consider the context. You might want to be fierce on the volleyball court or shooting range and svelte at a bar or in the bedroom. There's no rule saying you have to be graceful (or feminine) all the time.
    • To be graceful, wear cute shoes that are comfortable for you to walk in so you don't trip or walk in a way that looks unnatural. If you want to master walking in heels, but don't quite know how, practice at home or in front of a mirror before you take your new look out into the world.
  2. Learn to dance. Dancing is an extension of your body and through dance you can find ways to emphasize your femininity. Belly dancing, for example, accentuates the natural curves of a woman's form. A partner dance, like salsa or the waltz, can also help you feel more feminine because such dances are built upon the traditional differences between men and women — the man guides, while the woman follows and makes more fluid, extravagant movements.
  3. Be playful. Let's ditch the whole idea that being feminine means being perfect and ethereal. For those times when grace is lacking and you fall flat on your face in the middle of a room, the true test of your femininity is your ability to laugh it off! Think about it: taking life too seriously isn't very feminine in most people's estimation, nor is it very healthy overall. So, smile a lot, flirt, tease and play. Have fun! Ultimately, being feminine is about feeling at ease with yourself and you can't feel at ease if you're too stiff, somber and serious, so be the opposite: lighthearted and playful.
    • Flirting is a part of being a woman. Don't think that you're not allowed to flirt just because you're trying to be feminine.
  4. Be confident - another important step to projecting femininity. Having confidence will not only make you look and feel more feminine, it will help you to be more independent and outstanding. Never give up on yourself, ever.
    • Part of being confident means mastering the body language of a confident person. Walk with your head high, smile and look straight ahead of you, not down at the floor.
    • Being confident doesn't mean being arrogant. You don't have to brag about your accomplishments to make people see how confident you are.
  5. Walk in a more feminine way. If you want to have a more feminine walk, then you should work on walking more with your hips than your shoulders, taking lighter steps instead of stomping, and taking your time to move from place to place. To be truly feminine, you should be gliding gracefully on your way and not look like you're rushing off to your next location. If you have to rush, try to look composed as you take quicker short steps to reach your destination.
  6. Be a good caretaker. If you want to be feminine, then you have to know how to take care of someone, whether your boyfriend has gotten sick, your dog has gotten injured or your best friend just needs a shoulder to cry on. Be prepared to serve chicken soup, take a person's temperature or tell a person to lie down and make him or her feel more comfortable and cared for. A feminine woman helps, when she sees who clearly needs her help. She should spring into action when someone needs to be nurtured.
    • This doesn't mean that you should focus your energies to taking care of other people. It just means that when the time comes to be a caretaker, you should be prepared.
  7. Have admirable manners. If you want to be feminine, then you must have good manners at table and in all other aspects of your life. Manners mean not eating with your elbows on the table, greeting a person kindly even if you're having a bad day, not slouching or sneezing into your hands instead of a tissue and generally acting in a way that can serve as a model for others. Here are some other things to consider as you refine your manners:
    • If you're eating dinner in a group setting, make sure you say, "Please pass the chicken," instead of reaching and invading another person's personal space.
    • Find a nice way to give negative feedback. Instead of saying, "Will you shut up already?" say, "Would you mind lowering your voice?"
    • Avoid burping in public. Once you reach a certain age, burping in public is not funny anymore. If it happens by accident, just say "Excuse me," or "Pardon me."
    • Avoid rolling your eyes or generally being rude when someone is saying something you don't really want to hear.

Using the Right Words

  1. Talk like a lady. To be feminine, you can't curse like a sailor, yell to get what you want or talk so loudly that any person in the building can hear you. Part of being feminine is knowing how to get across exactly what you want to say, while being graceful, poised, delicate and considerate. Speak more softly, more slowly and express your thoughts as eloquently as possible. A lady says, "It's a little chilly today," rather than "I'm freezing my butt off!"
    • You don't have to change the way you think or all of the things you ordinarily talk about to be feminine. You just have to consider the way you convey your thoughts.
  2. Give sincere compliments. Giving fake compliments is catty, not feminine. A lady should be able to find something kind or complimentary to say or make a person feel special and important by pointing out something that he or she is doing well. You can say something as simple as, "I love your dress. It matches your eyes perfectly." or "You're so great at piano. How long have you been playing?" Take a sincere interest in a person and find a small way to show that you're paying attention.
    • You don't have to go overboard. Just give a compliment whenever the mood strikes you.
  3. Avoid bragging. If you want to be feminine, then avoid bragging about your accomplishments, talking about how amazing you look or generally showing off. A truly feminine person is confident enough in her looks and abilities to let other people figure out how amazing she is. You don't have to be so humble that you can't take a compliment or never talk about your achievements, but avoid doing anything that may come off as bragging or making you seem a little full of yourself.
    • A truly feminine person doesn't need to show off for the compliments to come.
  4. Be polite. A feminine girl isn't rude, off-putting or generally mean to anyone around her. Even if you're hanging around someone you don't like very much, you should avoid being openly combative or hostile. Instead, smile, be polite and limit your contact with the person as much as you can. A feminine woman also says "Please," and "Thank you" whenever it's necessary.
    • Being polite also means talking about polite topics. Don't talk about anything overly vulgar, curse too much or bring up inappropriate topics in mixed company.
  5. Be compassionate. A feminine woman feels compassion for other people, knows how to sympathize with people and says the right thing when she's trying to help someone. Know how to say things like, "I'm so sorry you're feeling that way," "I can't imagine how hard that is for you," or "Please let me know if there's anything I can do." A feminine woman knows how to recognize when someone is feeling upset, whether it's a dear friend or a small child and knows how to make that person feel better.
    • While you're saying comforting words, you should also behave in a comforting manner. Don't be afraid to put your arm around the person or to use your body language to show how sympathetic you are if it's appropriate.


  • Femininity is strong and always has been. Show the world how strong you can be while being feminine!
  • Everyone has a masculine and feminine side. You can be feminine in one way, such as you like getting your nails done or doing makeup, but masculine in another because you like playing or watching sports. But most people are more one than the other.
  • Always wear your hair down or pinned up.
  • It's okay to be girly, embrace it!
  • Do not overdo your makeup. Most people actually think girls look better natural.
  • Try to switch around hairstyles. For example, one day you could wear your hair in a braid, the next day a pinned up bun, the next day curl it, etc.
  • Being feminine doesn't mean to act like a princess. It just means to carry yourself in a good way, and not be so delicate.
  • Look people in the eyes and don't be shy with eye contact, especially when you are having a conversation. Don't stare or lock eyes for too long. Natural, relaxed eye contact can create more intense feelings of attraction in lovers and more intense feelings of intimacy and security and companionship in your friends and family.But do not show that you are desperate.


  • These tips are for Westernized cultures mostly. There are other cultures around the world that acknowledge more than two genders.
  • What is considered feminine and masculine varies from place to place. Some cultures even have a "third" gender.
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