How to Install a Puerit Water Purifier

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13-08-2021, 01:40
Your Pureit water purifier can be set up without any extra tools. If you plan on installing it on a wall, call a professional installer. Otherwise, you can assemble it on a counter or table. Activate the purifier and store it properly to ensure it efficiently filters sediment and chemicals out of your water. Then, you can enjoy cleaner, healthier water any day of the week.

Assembling the Purifier

  1. Unwrap the parts and set them on a flat surface. Begin taking the water purifier pieces out of the box Each part will be wrapped in plastic film and covered in Styrofoam. Remove the wrapping and also take off any cardboard sheets covering the openings. Set the pieces out on a table or another surface, but don't separate any connected parts yet.
    • Instructions are always included with new purifiers, so look in the box for them.
  2. Place the transparent collection chamber on the base. The filter's water transparent chamber is the largest component and is recognizable by its clear sides. The base is a flat piece of plastic and is the same length and width. Align the grooves, then lower the chamber onto the base to lock it in place.
    • The transparent chamber may already be on the pedestal when you take it out of the box.
  3. Insert the filter membrane into the cleansing chamber. Locate the larger chamber that fits over the transparent collection chamber. The filter membrane, a small white tube, will be lying inside it. Remove the plastic, then fit the tube into the hole in the bottom of the chamber. Turn it clockwise to lock it in place.
    • The cleansing chamber will either be black or white, depending on your purifier model.
    • The filter membrane attaches to the underside of the chamber and should hang down from it.
  4. Place the cleansing chamber over the transparent chamber. Line up the edges of the 2 chambers. Let the filter membrane hang down into the transparent chamber. Once you have it positioned correctly, set the collection chamber on top of the transparent chamber.
    • The cleansing chamber's controls should be on the same side as the transparent chamber's spout.
  5. Install the top chamber and cover. The last chamber piece is the one with the company logo. Set this chamber on top of the purifier with the logo facing outwards, on the same side as the spout. Next, find the flat top cover and set it on top of the chamber.
    • The top cover is the larger lid piece. It has a hole in it.
  6. Put the sediment filter inside the top cover. The sediment filter is a short, round tube. Remove any remaining plastic, then stick it in the hole in the top cover. Push it in and give it a gentle clockwise twist to ensure it locks in place.
  7. Place the lid on the purifier. The last piece is a small, flat lid with a handle on top. Align it so it fits in the shallow groove on top of the filter. You will not need to twist it to fit it in place.

Activating the Filter

  1. Pour 9 L (2.4 US gal) of water through the sediment filter. Open the purifier's top cover if you have it on. Before you can use the filter, you will need to run water through it. Add enough water to fill the transparent chamber and wait for it to filter down to the bottom of the purifier.
    • Pour the water in gradually so the purifier doesn't overflow.
  2. Flip the tap on to drain the water. Move the purifier to a sink. Pull the handle near the bottom of the transparent chamber to start the flow. Let all the water run out of the tank.
  3. Repeat filtering with another batch of water. Pour another 9 L (2.4 US gal) of water into the purifier and drain it again. After this, the filter will be calibrated and ready for use. You can add more water to filter and store for later.

Handling the Purifier Safely

  1. Have a professional install wall-mounted purifiers. The manufacturer recommends that only trained technicians attempt to mount the filter. This is because the filter needs to be hooked up to the electrical and water supply lines, so for safety reasons, let a professional handle it.
    • You can call the manufacturer or the place you bought the purifier from for installation help.
    • Contact the manufacturer at 1860-210-1000 or by visiting
  2. Place the purifier below an outlet if it runs on electricity. To ensure the purifier works properly, it needs to be close to a wall outlet. Extension cords should not be used. Make sure the purifier is placed far enough away to avoid any twists or kinks in the electrical cord and tubing.
    • A wall-mounted purifier requires about 204 sq in (1,320 cm) of wall space.
    • Free-standing purifiers do not need electricity. This applies only to wall-mounted units.
  3. Set the purifier in a climate-controlled area. Both hot and cold temperatures can damage the purifier. Move it away from your cooking range as well as any air vents. It should also never be connected directly to any hot water pipes.
    • A free-standing purifier takes up about 312 sq in (2,010 cm) of space.
    • Try to set the purifier in a safe spot along the wall or on a countertop. When it is not in use, consider storing it in a cabinet.
  4. Move the purifier out of direct sunlight. Intense sunlight can also overheat and damage your filter. Pay close attention to how sunlight enters the room throughout the day to avoid overexposure. Move the purifier as needed to ensure it lasts as long as possible.
    • Try to keep your purifier away from any windows. Keep it in a darker room or store it in a cabinet as needed.
  5. Avoid lifting the purifier when it is full of water. The purifier will be heavy, so you may drop it and have a mess on your hands. Instead, drain out the water first. It will be much easier to lift, reducing the chances of an accident.
    • You can pour out the filtered water into the sink or another container.


  • Change the filter on your purifier every 6 to 8 months. Most purifiers have an indicator that lights up when the filter needs to be replaced.
  • Always flush a new purifier or filter with water a few times.
  • Store the purifier safely when it is not in use.
  • Contact the manufacturer if you experience any problems with your purifier.
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