How to Open a Book

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14-08-2021, 18:50
This wikiHow article will teach you the steps to opening a physical paper book.


  1. Lay the book face-up in front of you for the best result. The bottom of the book should be parallel to your torso.
  2. Lift the cover when you open the book. Book covers are usually a different texture than the book pages. If you cannot find the book cover, use the very top layer of the book. Place your thumb under the cover, then apply pressure on the cover's top with your index finger.
  3. Gently lift the cover up and to the left. Everything under the cover should remain on the table top. The cover will not detach from the spine of the book, but instead lay at an angle next to the rest of the book. The book will now be open with the cover being face down towards the table to the left of the rest of the book.
    • Some non-English books may open to the right instead.


  • You could lay the book on your lap, or on a tabletop in front of you. This will make the process easier.


  • Books are made of paper, so use them with caution so that you don't get a paper cut.
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