How to Get Rid of a Blowout the Quickest and Easiest Way

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21-08-2021, 10:10
Although many don't realize the outcome of stretching their ears too fast, there is a dread of the results of it. This fear in many people that stretch their ears is getting a blowout. What is a blowout, huh? A blowout is when your ear is not ready to stretch up a size, and you are forcing a taper (or plug) into your ear and the part of your lobe that is stretched gets a bad reaction and skin pushes through to the very back. The outcome is that the skin will stay hanging from the back and it will affect your stretching and will also affect just putting in the jewelry itself. If you have a blowout, do not fear! This article will show you exactly how to get rid of your blowout, but the number one key is patience!


  1. Make sure that your hands, ears, and jewelry are clean and sterilized. (This will help stop germs from getting into the skin and infecting the blowout even more)
  2. Make a salt water solution soak for your stretched ears. Just put sea salt at the very bottom of a tall cup (enough so that the salt is covering the whole bottom. About 1 tbsp) and fill the cup up with lukewarm water. Make sure that the cup is tall enough for your stretched ears to soak in. Do not use the same cup of water to soak your ears! Rinse the cup out and start fresh every day.
  3. Use oil. Lots and lots of oil! Oil as in Vitamin E oil, castor oil, jojoba oil, emu oil, tea tree oil, coconut oil, olive oil. Any oil! just choose one to use up to 3 times a day on your blowout and massage it very well It might hurt if your blowout is still fresh, but the outcome will be very good if you are very consistent with your moisturizing your ears.
  4. Be motivated! Tell yourself that the blowout will heal!
  5. Make sure to check your ears every time you do the soaks and ointments. Check for redness and swelling. If there are still signs of swelling and redness after three days, do not touch your ears, and leave it alone for a while. Ice packs will probably be the best solution.
  6. Downsizing is an option but if your ear is irritating you, maybe it is a sign that you should downsize.
  7. Wait until the blowout is completely gone to go up another size. This will probably take up to 3 to 4 weeks. And remember that oils and patience are the key! Make sure the next time you stretch, use ointment on your ear and the jewelry and you should be fine and back to healthy stretched ears in no time!


  • Morning: ointment time
  • Night: Sea salt soak, cleansing, and ointment!
  • Afternoon: ointment time
  • Make a Schedule For Stretched Ear Treatment.
  • Repeat this until there are no more signs of a blowout.


  • Also, do not try to stretch up a size when you still have a blowout because this can cause severe scar tissue problems in your ears.
  • If you still have a blowout after three weeks to a month of doing this, you might need to see a doctor, but don't worry. It could just be a minor infection that just needs antibiotics.

Things You'll Need

  • Oils
  • Water
  • Sea Salt
  • Light Weight Plugs or Tapers
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