How to Choose the Right Necklace Length: 11 Steps (with Pictures)

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28-06-2022, 22:10
A necklace can be a great finishing touch for almost any outfit. However, the length of the necklace can drastically affect the overall appearance of that outfit. Necklaces tend to accentuate the area where they fall on the body, so you can use length to emphasize your best features and downplay others. When choosing a necklace length, it’s important to take into account the general appearance of your neck, as well as your neck size, your body type, and face shape. Pairing necklace length with particular types of clothing and different necklines can also help you create flattering results.

Part 1 of 3:Inspecting Your Neck

  1. Measure your neck. Before purchasing a necklace, it’s wise to first measure the circumference of your neck. This is especially true if you are considering buying a very short chain, like a collar or choker, since those styles are supposed to fit relatively tightly. Wrap a soft measuring tape around your neck, holding it close to your skin. Make a mental note of your measurement and take it into account when selecting a length.
    • For chokers, add two inches to whatever your neck measurement is for a comfortable fit.
    • Adding four inches to your neck measurement will give you a good length for an average necklace, like a pendant. Keep in mind that a pendant necklace should cascade down, creating a V-effect.
  2. Evaluate the length and width of your neck. Short chains, like collars and chokers, look most flattering on those who have long, slender necks. They look less flattering on short or wide necks. If you have a short neck, you can make your neck look longer by choosing a chain that measures between 20 and 24 inches (50 and 60 cm) in length. If your neck is an average length and width, then you can probably wear any length of necklace successfully.
    • For those with wide necks who are considering a choker length, you may need to go up an inch or two to ensure it fits comfortably. That means adding three to four inches to your neck measurement instead of only two.
    • If you have a wide neck, you can typically wear any length that you like, but consider the width of the chain. Opt for a thin chain over a thick one.
  3. Choose a long chain to accentuate your collarbone. If you have a wide or short neck, try to avoid short chains and go for something 18 inches (45 cm) or longer. This will take the emphasis off your neck area and place it more on your collarbone and bust area. You can increase this effect by adding an eye-catching pendant or charm to the chain. This will naturally draw eyes to the jewelry and away from your neck.
    • If you have wrinkles or feel less than comfortable with the appearance of your neck, opt for a longer chain, as well.
  4. Wear a shorter chain to emphasize your neck. To emphasize a long, graceful neck, go for a shorter chain that measures between 14 and 18 inches (35 and 45 cm). Collar and choker necklaces are great options because they are very short and draw the attention straight to your neck.
    • Choose a short chain that has eye-catching details to emphasize the area even more.

Part 2 of 3:Evaluating Your Body Type and Face Shape

  1. Consider your height. If you’re on the short side (below 5’4" or 162 cm), go with a 16 to 20 inch (40 to 60 cm) necklace. Anything longer than that tends to overwhelm small frames. Those of average height (between 5’4" and 5’7") can get away with wearing almost any length of necklace. Most necklace lengths flatter taller frames (5’7" or 170 cm and higher) as well, but long chains can look especially flattering since they accentuate height.
    • While someone with a tall frame can definitely pull off a short chain, keep in mind that this style may not stand out as much as you’d like.
    • If you’re short, try to avoid chunky necklace designs, which can overwhelm your frame as much as a long chain length.
  2. Choose a length that will emphasize your best features. A necklace emphasizes the area where it falls on your body. If you don’t want to draw attention to a certain area, avoid necklaces that end there. For example, if you have a small bust, long and layered chains will flatter your body type. Try something between 28 and 38 inches (71 and 96 cm) in length. Those with fuller figures may want to avoid very long chains, since they won’t hang properly. Go for a chain that is between 18 and 22 inches (45 and 55 cm) in length, as these will sit higher up on the neckline.
  3. Factor in your face shape. The necklace length you choose can help you emphasize your best facial features. Likewise, it can also accentuate features you’d rather play down if you aren’t careful. Use your basic face shape as a guide for selecting the best necklace length for you. For example, if your face is round, avoid chokers and other short necklaces, since these will emphasize the roundness of your face.
    • Oval shaped faces can typically wear any length.
    • If your face is long, a short chain (between 16 and 18 inches/40 and 45 cm) will soften and round off its appearance.
    • For those with heart-shaped faces, try a choker or other short necklace style. Short chains will create the appearance of fullness and balance out a narrow chin.

Part 3 of 3:Coordinating Necklace Length with Clothing

  1. Wear collars and chokers with open-neck clothing. Since shorter chains emphasize the neck area, you’ll want to choose tops that allow you to expose that area. The more bare skin that surrounds a choker, the more the necklace will stand out. To get the most flattering results, go for tops with sweetheart, scoop, v-neck, strapless, off-the-shoulder and square necklines.
    • Avoid wearing turtlenecks and other high necklines with chokers.
    • To make your choker stand out even more, coordinate the basic necklace design with the neckline of your top. For example, pair a round-shaped choker with a top that has a scoop neck.
  2. Choose an 18 inch (45 cm) chain if you want a versatile piece. This length is the most common necklace length available. A necklace that is 18 inches (45 cm) long will fall at approximately the collar bone area and marry well with almost anything in your closet. You could wear it with a t-shirt or simple top just as successfully as you could with a dress or other formal attire.
  3. Wear 20 to 24 inch (50 and 60 cm) chains with business attire. Chains that are between 20 and 24 inches (50 and 60 cm) in length are as versatile as 18 inch (45 cm) chains, since they can be easily styled with both casual and dressy clothing. However, they work particularly well with slightly more formal attire, such as clothing you would wear to the office. These chains will end somewhere between the collarbone and bust area.
  4. Save your longest necklaces for high necklines and evening wear. High necklines will balance out the length of the chain and allow you to best showcase the look of the necklace. For instance, try pairing a long necklace with an eye-catching pendant with a turtleneck. Additionally, long chains tend to create a dressier, more elegant vibe. Wear a long strand of pearls with an evening gown or cocktail dress.
    • Extremely long necklaces that measure between 36 and 42 inches (91 and 106 cm) in length should be looped around the neck twice.
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