Win an "I Love You More" Argument: 11 Cute Comebacks

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23-07-2022, 13:10
How do you possibly win an "I love you more" argument? It turns out that there are a ton of ways—you just have to get creative! Here, we'll share some sweet and sassy comebacks that will make your SO admit defeat. Read on to come out on top the next time you hear "I love you more."

1 of 11:“I love you the most. 😎”

  1. Dazzle them with a word that's even better than "more." After you two have volleyed "I love you more's" back and forth like a ping pong match, throw them a curve ball. Pull out the word "most" and they won't know what hit them.
    • "I have the ultimate level of love for you! 🥳"
    • "My love for you is unparalleled. 🤓"
    • "I love you more than what’s humanly possible. 🧙🏼‍♀️"

2 of 11:“I think about you day and night!"

  1. Say you're totally smitten to be 100% victorious. Tell them that there's no way they can love you more since they're always on your mind. Your devotion will make them melt.
    • "Even after all this time, I’m absolutely obsessed with you!"
    • "You’re on my mind 24/7! I totally adore you."
    • "I’m head-over-heels for you every second of the day."

3 of 11:“I love you to the 🌕 and back."

  1. Declare your love's out of this world to win your silly fight. Tell them that there's nothing on Earth that can compare to how you feel about them. You'll make them swoon with your adoring words.
    • "You’re my moon and stars! 🤩"
    • "You’re the ☀️ in my life."
    • "My love for you is out of this world. 🪐"

4 of 11:“You’re going to be my #1 for an eternity. ✨"

  1. Tell them you'll always be their biggest fan to win them over. Bring up words like "eternity," "forever," or "endless." It'll be unmistakable that you'll always be there for your SO.
    • "I place you above everything else! 💖"
    • "I worship you! You always come first."
    • "Your happiness is my biggest priority, babe!"

5 of 11:“If I had to choose the best part of my life, it’d be you! 😘”

  1. Say they're a gift so they'll melt and admit defeat. Say that just their presence is the highlight of their life. Express a ton of gratitude and they'll feel truly appreciated.
    • "You are my greatest joy."
    • "When I reflect on what I’m grateful for, I think of you right away."
    • "No matter what I go through, you make my life worthwhile."

6 of 11:“I've got proof I love you more. I bought you a PS5!”

  1. Be over-the-top and give them a gift to come out on top in your "fight." This is a great call for a special milestone, like their birthday or an anniversary. Use a thoughtful gift as evidence of how much you adore them.
    • "It’s obvious I love you more! Just check out the package on your doorstep. 📦"
    • "I think these concert tickets show I love you more. 🎫"
    • "I blow your love out of the park! I booked us a trip to Maui! 🌴"

7 of 11:“All the dictionaries in the world wouldn’t have enough words to describe my love! 📚”

  1. If you're left speechless, say words just can't express all your love. Let them know that there's no way you could tell them how much you love them, even if you had all the phrases for "love" at your fingertips. If you're with each other in person, give your SO a hug to really seal the deal.
    • "I’d run out of breath if I listed all the ways I love you. 😘"
    • "It’d take more than a lifetime to share everything I love about you."
    • "It’s impossible to find the words to express my love! 🤯"

8 of 11:“A trillion poems couldn't capture how much I love you.”

  1. Feel free to exaggerate in the argument so you can score an easy win. Use impressive numbers like "one hundred," "a million," or a "thousand" to express that you just can't quantify all your love.
    • "You deserve more than a thousand dates! You’re incredible!"
    • "A million gifts wouldn’t be enough to show my devotion to you! 🎁"
    • "I adore you so much! A billion "I love you’s" can’t even scratch the surface!"

9 of 11:“Hey! This isn’t a competition. But if it were one—I’d win. 😇”

  1. Get really sassy and tease that you'll always win in this situation. Remind them that it's not a contest so they think they're off the hook. Then, as your finishing move, declare that you'll always be the victor in an "I love you more" argument.
    • "It’s not fair to draw comparisons. 😉 I’d beat you, anyway."
    • "Sorry to say, but you’d always be outmatched, babe. 💪 💓"
    • "Let’s not argue about this. 😊 I’ll always be the one to love you more!"

10 of 11:"I know. 💁"

  1. End the argument by soaking up your SO's love. Get a little cocky and say you're already totally aware that they adore you. It's a great way to stop them in their tracks and make them laugh.
    • "Tell me something I don't know. 😝"
    • "Okay! Sounds good to me."
    • "How could you not? 🤷🏾"

11 of 11:"Let’s just agree that we love each other equally."

  1. You're not really arguing, but calling a "truce" is still pretty cute. Remind them that love doesn't have to be a battlefield. Focus on what really matters—your feelings for each other—and celebrate that you're both completely in love.
    • "Why don't we call it even? We're both 100% in love. 💖"
    • "I don't want to argue. 😝 Let's just call a truce."
    • "I think we should call it a day and just cuddle."


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