How to Know When to Kiss on a Date: Picking the Right Moment

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29-08-2023, 12:10
It’s the end of your first, second, or maybe third date with a new person who you really dig. All your laughter and joking around, your stolen glances over dinner or coffee, maybe even some tentative hand-holding—it’s all been leading up to this moment: the kiss! But how do you know when the time is right? Even if the date seemed to go well…how do you know for absolute certain that they want to lock lips? Don’t worry! That first kiss is exhilarating and anxiety-inducing for all of us, but if you want to feel more comfortable gauging your date’s interest and knowing when to lay one on ’em, check out our guide to kissing on a date, below!
  • Showing and Gauging Interest
  • Finding the Right Time and Place
  • Initiating the Kiss
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Showing and Gauging Interest

  1. Stare at the person's mouth to show your interest. While this might seem a little silly, spending some time looking at the person's mouth can indicate you want to kiss them. Of course, you don't want to look at their mouth only, as gazing into their eyes is also romantic. Nonetheless, occasionally glancing at your date's lips can help indicate you want to kiss someone.
    • Don't continuously stare at your date’s mouth. They might get weirded out. Short one to two second glances here and there should do the trick!
  2. Find ways to subtly touch them. This touch isn't necessarily an intimate touch. Rather, touch their arm or their shoulder as you talk, or move closer to them so your legs are touching. These small touches show you want to get closer.
    • You don’t have to wait until the end of the date to start your little touches; you can build up to the kiss with little touches throughout your date. If you’re at dinner together, try putting your hand on their hand. If you’re at a movie, sit close so that your shoulders touch.
    • If they pull back, they may not be as interested. Some people don't like to be touched, so you may need to be patient.
  3. Compliment the person. Tell the person you like the way they smile or that you find their humor charming. Everyone likes to hear nice things about themselves, and when you compliment someone, you show them you care.
    • Try to give sincere, direct compliments. In other words, really pay attention to the person and figure out what you like about them. That way, you can give a compliment that's specific to the person.
    • For instance, saying "You look pretty," is fairly general. Saying, "Your smile is so lovely. It lights up the room," is much more specific.
  4. Observe their body language to see if they’re receptive. Your date’s body language will tell you a lot about whether they’re enjoying the date and whether they might like a smooch. Keep an eye out for open body language, and note if they return your flirty little touches.
    • If your date is into you, they might play with their hair, hold your gaze, lean toward you, or even mimic your movements (subconsciously).
    • And, yes, they might look at your lips, just like you’re looking at theirs! We love the sexual tension!
  5. Listen for verbal cues that they're interested. Just like you compliment your date to indicate your interest, if your date is interested in you, they'll likely flirt back in some way. They might compliment you, laugh at your jokes (and try to make you laugh), or indicate investment by asking you deeper questions to get to know you.
    • Realize that this may not mean your date wants to kiss. They may be having a nice time, and they may like you romantically, but they could still be uncomfortable kissing yet.
    • If your date asks you for a piece of gum, they may be trying to freshen up their breath before a potential smooch. (Make sure you freshen up, too!)

Finding the Right Time and Place

  1. Kiss on whichever date you feel comfortable. Some people choose to wait until their third date to kiss, while others are more comfortable kissing on the first date. There aren’t hard and fast rules about which date to kiss on, but generally, people kiss after they’ve spent some time together, gotten to know one another, and gotten a feel for whether the other person is up for a little smooching.
    • You don't even need to be on a date to kiss: you can smooch during a casual hangout or at work or school, if the moment is right. As long as you both want to kiss, it doesn’t matter when you do it.
    • You may feel comfortable kissing on a first date, but remember that your date may not be, so assume nothing, and don't feel bad if they're not up for it. They may feel more comfortable after you've gone out a few times!
  2. Wait until the end of the date to initiate a kiss. The end of the first, second, or third date is often when that magical first kiss occurs. Usually, a kiss acts as a goodbye—and though it doesn’t always mean a follow-up date is on the horizon, it’s a good way to let your date know if you’d like to see them again.
    • Waiting to kiss until the end of a date gives you more time to gauge their feelings—if you try to kiss someone without spending enough time with them, they’ll be more likely to turn you down.
    • Another reason to wait till the end of the date: if it doesn’t go well, or if your date rejects your kiss, you get to leave right after!
  3. Pick somewhere private, but not too private. Some people are shy about kissing in front of other people. Find a place that's a bit secluded, such as your or your date’s front porch, or under a streetlight outside the restaurant you just ate at. Just make sure your kissing site isn’t too secluded, or your date might get nervous if they don’t know you well!
    • If you can't find a secluded spot, dim lighting (like at a restaurant or movie theater) may afford you some privacy. Studies also indicate that being intimate in dim spaces can help you be more present with your partner and feel less self-conscious—which may be particularly helpful when kissing for the first time!
  4. Initiate a kiss when your date lingers. If someone wants to kiss you but is too shy to ask about it or to instigate a smooch themselves, they'll likely spend some time hanging around at the end of the date. So if their body language hasn’t already convinced you they might be receptive to locking lips, if they don’t rush off at the end of the date, it’s a sign they’re probably waiting for a little kiss.
    • If they rush off, it doesn’t necessarily mean they didn’t want to kiss; they might be nervous or not comfortable kissing on a first date.

Initiating the Kiss

  1. Look the person in the eye to show them you desire them. Now that you've found the perfect spot and time, take a moment just to look the person in the eye. Gazing into someone's eyes can be quite intimate, as most people don't spend more than a few seconds looking into someone else's eyes. Hold the person's gaze as you contemplate kissing them.
  2. Slowly lean in closer. Leaning in indicates you want to get more intimate, and going slowly gives your date a heads-up that you’re going to kiss them. If they don't want to kiss, going slow gives them a chance to lean away or to turn your head so you kiss their cheek.
  3. If you’re not sure, ask if they want to be kissed. Consent is important, and while body language can tell you a lot about someone’s intentions, it’s often unclear what a person wants unless you come out and ask. Asking if you can kiss someone doesn't need to break the moment. Rather, it shows you respect the person enough to ask.
    • If you’re worried that asking will spoil the “romance,” there are lots of cute and romantic ways to ask!
      • You could give them a handwritten note that says, “Can I kiss you?”
      • Make a silly joke by saying, “Welcome to Kissville, population: us!” so they know what your intentions are (and keeping it light may alleviate the pressure if they don’t feel up for it).
      • Or just be direct and say, “I really want to kiss you right now” or “Would you mind if I kissed you?” Telling your date what you want can be pretty darn hot, actually!
  4. Move in for the kiss. Once you know they’re up for it, it’s time to plant a kiss. Bring your face in closer, but let the other person come part way. Even if they said yes, it's good to let them make part of the move, so you know for sure they want it. You'll both need to tilt a bit so you don't bump noses, then move on with the kissing part.
    • Keep your lips slightly parted and soft. If you're too rigid, it won't be a great kiss.
    • Most people don’t French kiss the first time they kiss, but if you want to initiate tongue, and you think your date is into it, slowly introduce your tongue to your partner’s lips. If their mouth opens to receive your tongue, it’s a sign they’re interested in Frenching, but if they keep their lips closed, it likely means they’re not up for it.
  5. Go easy on yourself if they reject your kiss. There are lots of reasons a person might reject a kiss, and while it can hurt, it’s important to respect their choice. Don’t take rejection too hard. It happens to everyone at some point!
    • If your date rejects your kiss, it could mean they didn’t feel enough chemistry and aren’t interested in a romantic relationship with you. This always stings, but it’s good to know!
    • But it’s also possible your date likes you but they’re just not ready to kiss yet. If they seem to have had a good time, and if they express interest in going out again, it’s likely you’ll kiss them soon enough!
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