How to Publicize Yourself the Right Way on wikiHow

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25-09-2016, 23:35
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While many contributors come to wikiHow for fun and to help others, some come to promote themselves or their professional expertise as well. It's important to keep in mind that since this is a collaborative project with an educational mission, most people don't find this a very effective or efficient way to promote their products or services. That being said, there is a bit of overlap, and if you're interested in furthering our mission, and have realistic expectations, there are some ways you can further yourself at the same time!

Establishing Your Identity

  1. Create an account. Feel free to use your brand name or domain name as your username, but keep in mind that because this is a collaborative wiki, your username will not be shown to readers of articles that you start. Your username will only gain visibility through your sustained activity on the site, by improving articles on many different topics.
  2. Make a wikiHow User Page with a photo, description of what you do and a link to your site. That way, if someone clicks on your username, they can learn more about you. On your user page, you can promote yourself, your products, and/or your services as much as you want, though people are unlikely to click through to your website if it sounds too much like a brochure. Note that since there are lots of spammers on wikiHow, though, your user page won't be visible to a lot of people until you become an established community member, as discussed in the next section.

Establishing Your Reputation

  1. Become familiar with wikiHow's Mission: "By creating the world’s most helpful instructions, we will empower every person on the planet to learn how to do anything."
  2. Focus on contributing to the maintenance of this massive knowledge resource, rather than trying to start new articles. We already have over 150,000 articles, many of which need improvement in many ways, big and small. A good way to show that your intentions here are not completely self-serving is to visit the Community Dashboard and make thoughtful edits throughout the site.
  3. Make a commitment to stick around. It's impossible to promote yourself on wikiHow with a "hit and run" strategy. If you want to maximize promotion while minimizing time investment, you will probably get frustrated on wikiHow and end up feeling like you wasted your time while getting no results. Since this is a volunteer project, effort over time makes all the difference. Set goals such as:
    • I will make one positive edit per day for 30 days.
    • I will correctly categorize 20 articles per week for 5 weeks.
    The more you contribute positively, the more people will see your username and visit your profile. When you stop contributing, you essentially disappear.


  • Keep in mind that all links on wikiHow are "nofollow" meaning that they do not get indexed by search engines, and your website's search engine ranking does not improve as a result of the URL being posted on wikiHow.


  • If you publicize yourself in any other way, access to this site may be blocked.
  • Promotional links, found within an article, will be removed. Others may think of you as a "spammer" rather than a trustworthy source.
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