5 Easy Tricks to Find & Follow Amazon Influencer Storefronts

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15-11-2023, 21:03
Want to buy that stunning outfit your favorite fashion influencer is wearing? Or maybe you’re trying to find a video game streamer’s ergonomic chair. Whatever you’re looking for, Amazon influencer storefronts are a great way to shop for recommendations from influencers and find deals on the latest products. This wikiHow article will go over five ways to find Amazon influencer storefronts online.

What are Influencer Storefronts?

  1. Storefronts are custom Amazon shops for recommended products. Influencers build and customize a page with products that they like.
    • Amazon influencers are an extension of the Amazon Associates program. They are content creators that recommend products to their audience.
    • Storefront pages can have a combination of products, categories, photos, videos, and livestreams. These feature products that the influencer uses or reviews.
    • Follow a storefront by clicking Follow on the right side of the storefront page.
    • Find the storefronts you follow using this path on amazon.com: Account & Lists > Account > Your Amazon profile. The Who you follow section will show you the influencers you follow!

Using Amazon Live

  1. Go to the Amazon Live homepage to find videos and live streams from by influencers and affiliates. You can access Amazon Live by going to https://www.amazon.com/live, or by searching Amazon for “Amazon Live.” You can shop for any of these recommended products right from these live streams and videos.
    • The Featured Creators section is great for finding product videos created by popular Amazon Influencers. Just click a creator's name to check out their live streams and videos.
    • Click Discover at the top to find active and upcoming live streams from all sorts of influencers.
    • Click Browse to browse influencer live streams, videos, and product recommendations by category.
    • Some influencers even offer deals and discounts on the brands and products they recommend.

Using #FoundItOnAmazon

  1. Go to the #FoundItOnAmazon page. Go to https://amazon.com/finds or search “#FoundItOnAmazon” on Amazon. This feature can help you find all kinds of stylish and trending items recommended by the hottest influencers and creators.
    • Select a topic at the top of the page to see categories related to that topic.
    • Click a category to see products curated by an Amazon Influencer or customer. For example, the Modern Cat Furniture category was made by Cleo The Bengal, a pet product influencer.
    • Follow influencers you like by clicking + Follow at the top of the category.

Using Instagram & TikTok

  1. Click an influencer’s Amazon storefront link. If you already have an influencer whose storefront you want to find, and they have one set up, their storefront may be linked on their Instagram or TikTok profile bio.
    • The URL will look like https://www.amazon.com/shop/name where “name” is the influencer’s name. But if you don't see an Amazon-specific URL on the influencer's bio, don't worry—many brands and influencers create central link pages where they add direct links to all of the places you can find them on social media, including their Amazon Storefronts.
    • Find their storefront in a post or story. The influencer might have posted about their storefront or shared it in a story. Search through their post history to see if they mention Amazon.
  2. Search for Amazon influencers using hashtags. Try these hashtags on Instagram’s search page to find influencers:
    • #amazon
    • #amazonfinds
    • #amazonfashion
    • #amazonfashionfinds
    • #amazondeals
    • #amazonhome
    • #amazoninfluencer
    • #founditonamazon
    • #musthaves

Using Facebook

  1. Click the Shop Now button on an influencer's Facebook Page. This will take you to an influencer’s Amazon storefront if they’ve linked it to their Page.

Using YouTube

  1. Use YouTube to find Amazon influencers. Try searching for “amazon product review” + the product or category you’re interested in.
    • Look for a link to the Amazon storefront in the video description or the YouTuber’s About page on their channel.


  • If you’re interested in selling items on Amazon, take a look at our guide on how to start selling on Amazon.
  • Before you buy any cool influencer gear, make sure to apply any gift cards you have and look for discounts.
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