“GYATT” Meaning & Usage (with Examples)

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15-01-2024, 21:10
You may have heard the phrase “GYATT” on TikTok and Twitch, but what exactly does it mean? This popular phrase is the shortened form of the word goddamn, and it’s mainly used by straight men to show interest in a curvy woman. In this article, we’ll teach you everything you need to know about the viral phrase “GYATT,” including its meaning, usage, and origins.
  • What does “GYATT” mean?
  • Usage
  • Origin & Spread
  • Related Terms
  • Alternative Meanings

What does “GYATT” mean?

  1. “GYATT” is a shortened form of the word goddamn. On TikTok, the phrase “GYATT” (or “GYAT”), is mainly used by straight men to express attraction toward a woman, especially if she has a curvy figure or bigger booty. In other words, they appreciate her assets and think she’s super hot.
    • How to pronounce “GYATT:” Most people exaggerate the phrase and break it down into 2 syllables like “gee-yacht,” but you can also say it as one syllable like “gyacht.”
    • Alternatively, “GYATT” can be used as an interjection to express your feelings or opinions about something, so feel free to use it in place of goddamn.

When & How to Use "GYATT"

  1. Say “GYATT” to communicate interest in a curvy woman. Did you just spot a woman who exudes that va-va-voom? Let your friends know you find her attractive with “GYATT.” It’s a common way to banter in person or online. However, avoid saying it directly to the woman you’re interested in—it’s similar to cat-calling, which may make her feel uncomfortable or unsafe.
    • “GYATT, she’s thick.”
    • “Did you see her waist? GYATT!”
    • “GYATT, check out that chick at the bar!”
    • “That girl who just popped up on the livestream? GYATT!”
  2. Exclaim “GYATT” to convey excitement, shock, or approval. If you just can’t find the words to describe how you’re feeling, use “GYATT” as an interjection or anytime you want to say “goddamn.” It’s an easy way to express your attitude toward something, whether it’s a person, place, event, or form of art.
    • “GYATT! Your new sneakers are sick.”
    • “Just booked my tickets to Cabo. GYATT!”
    • “Did you hear Drake’s new album? GYATT! Every track is pure flames.”
    • “Wait, Beth finished the calculus exam in 20 minutes? GYATT, that girl is a genius!”
  3. Use “GYATT” to react to a cool, funny, or shocking video online. Whether you’re on YouTube, Twitch, or another streaming platform, throw in “GYATT” to express your feelings about the content you’re watching. It’s a funny and versatile phrase that you can pull out anytime you want to make someone laugh or stir up a conversation in the group chat.
    • “You’re telling me she finished 10 burgers to film her mukbang? GYATT!”
    • “GYATT! He spent a million on his proposal just to get rejected in public.”
    • “Did you see that viral video explaining monkey branching? I read through the comment section and GYATT! I didn’t realize it was so common.”
    • “She learned that entire dance in 30 minutes AND absolutely killed it? GYATT! Someone needs to hire her to choreograph Beyonce’s next tour.”

Origin & Spread

  1. “GYATT” first appeared on X (formerly Twitter) in the mid-2000s. In 2009, users began referring to “GYATT” as a shortened form of the phrase “goddamn,” but the term was mainly written like “Gyat damn.” In fact, rapper Nicki Minaj became the first person to gain over 100 likes for a post that referenced “Gyat damn” in 2014, and she is often credited for the resurgence of the term in 2021.
  2. “GYATT” gained mainstream popularity on Twitch in 2021. In the summer of 2021, Twitch streamer YourRAGE began screaming “GYATT” anytime he saw a curvy girl pop up during his livestreams. Popular streamers like Kai Cenat and iShowSpeed began using the phrase too, and other Twitch users followed suit. In September 2021, compilation clips from these streams went viral, and the term eventually moved across various platforms like TikTok.
    • Currently, the hashtag gyatt (#gyatt) has over 1 billion views on TikTok, with the most popular videos featuring a curvy woman.

Related Terms

  1. Abow This popular slang word is another way to express excitement, shock, or disbelief, and it can be used anytime you want to say “damn” or “wow.” The term became mainstream on TikTok because of the song “Throw it Back (Abow)” by ShantiiP and TarioP, which has been featured as the audio in over 65,000 videos.
    • “Abow. That girl is a 10.”
    • “Did you see her post? Abow she’s so fine.”
    • “Aboooowwww. I left my phone in the Uber!”
  2. Sheesh On TikTok, “sheesh” is often used to compliment someone’s clothing, accessories, or appearance. It’s an interjection that conveys surprise or disbelief in a positive manner, so you can use it anytime you’re impressed by someone. If you see a cutie walk by and want to express interest, throw out a “sheesh” (or “sheeesh” if you really want to hype them up).
    • “See that girl over there? Sheeeesh!”
    • “Sheesh! She looks good in that outfit.”
    • “Sheesh! She has a glow up over the summer.”
  3. BMS “BMS” stands for “broke my scale,” which is in reference to an attractiveness scale. It’s used as a compliment to let someone know they’re an 11 on a scale of 1 to 10, so many TikTokers drop “BMS” in the comment section when they find a creator super hot or attractive.
    • “Damn girl, you just BMS”
    • “Your new profile pic just BMS”
    • “I thought he was a 10, but he really broke my scale.”

Alternative Meanings

  1. Get your act together. If you see the abbreviation “GYAT,” it could stand for “get your act together.” This common expression instructs someone to get organized and behave properly, especially if they have an important assignment or upcoming event. However, if you see “GYAT” on TikTok or other social media platforms, it most likely means “goddamn.”
    • “You have a final tomorrow and you haven’t started the review? Get your act together.”
    • “You’re telling me you left your keys inside your car? Girl, get your act together!”
    • Can’t believe you wore 2 different shoes to the wedding. You need to get your act together.”
  2. Girl you ate that. Some TikTok users consider “GYAT” to mean the slang expression “girl you ate that.” In this context, it’s another way of telling someone they’re pulling something off, doing a great job, or excelling in a specific area. Whether you’re referring to their looks or skills, pull out this sweet slang phrase anytime you want to give a compliment.
    • “Got promoted in 3 months? Girl, you ate that!”
    • “Versace dress and Louboutins…girl you ate that!”
    • “I listened to Nicki’s new album, and let me tell you…she ate that!”


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