10+ Cute, Fun and Unique Ways to Ask Out Your Crush

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8-02-2024, 03:10
If you’ve been crushing on someone for a while, you’re probably thinking about asking them out. While saying “Wanna go out?” is fine, putting a little thought and effort into your question can make your crush feel extra special. There are a lot of unique ways you ask your crush out that will make them swoon and (hopefully!) say yes. Here are 14 cute and original ways to pop the question to your crush.

Put a note in a sweet treat.

  1. If your crush has a sweet tooth, grab their favorite bar of chocolate. Slip a cute note inside the candy and hand it to them after lunch or during dinner.
    • Your note could say, “Do you wanna be my boyfriend?” or, “I like you a lot. Want to go out sometime?”
    • If your crush doesn’t like candy, put it in a savory snack instead, like potato chips or pretzels.

Buy them flowers.

  1. Everyone loves getting a beautiful bouquet. Pick out a bunch of flowers that you know your crush will love, then put a note inside asking them to go out.
    • Roses are the traditional flowers of romance, but you can pick any that you’d like!
    • You don’t have to break the bank getting flowers. Most grocery stores have beautiful bouquets that you can pick up for under $20.

Keep it casual with a gif.

  1. Search up a cute gif that says “will you be mine?” Send it to your crush via text message for a cool and casual way to ask them out without a ton of pressure.
    • Follow up your gif with a few heart eyes emojis or kissy faces for an extra cute touch.
    • If you don’t know your crush well, they might think you’re goofing around. Make sure they know you’re serious!

Spell out your question with food.

  1. Invite them over for a fancy meal or a fun brunch. Use your pancakes, spaghetti, or fruit to spell out “Will you go out with me?”
    • If your crush has a sweet tooth, write the question in frosting on top of a cake.
    • Or, spell the question out in hot sauce paired with some tacos.

Write a note on a stick of gum.

  1. Unwrap a piece of gum and write a note on the wrapper. Wrap the piece back up, then offer it to your crush. When they unwrap their stick, they’ll be able to read your sweet note.
    • You could write, “Will you go out with me?” or, “Be mine?”
    • Make sure your crush doesn’t throw the note away! If they look like they’re about to crumple the wrapper up without looking at it, slyly suggest that there might be a hidden note in their hands.

Make a pun with a can of dates.

  1. Ask your crush, “want one?” If they say yes, you’re in! Make a plan to go on a real date later that week. If they decline, you can try to explain your play on words just in case they didn’t get it.
    • Seriously: your crush might just not like dates!
    • If you can’t find any dates, grab some raisins instead. Then say, “All I got were these raisins! What I really wanted was a date.”

Bring them some coffee.

  1. Order them their favorite drink and bring it to them in the morning. Write a note on it asking them out before you hand it off for a sweet surprise.
    • Your note could say, “I like you a latte!” or, “This is hard to espresso… but will you be mine?” or, “I’ll take my shot: want to go out sometime?”
    • If your crush isn't a fan of coffee, bring them some tea instead.

Change your name in their phone.

  1. Grab their phone and quickly change your contact name to “Be Mine?” Hand them their phone back and give them a call! When their phone rings, they’ll look down to see your adorable question.
    • For an extra cute factor, change your contact picture to a cute baby animal or a heart.

Leave them a note in their favorite book.

  1. Write a note on a small piece of paper and slip it inside their favorite book. When they open it up to read later, your crush will get to see your cute note asking them out on a date.
    • If they don’t have a favorite book, consider putting the note in their journal, binder, or planner instead.
    • Or, slide a note inside their phone case.

Write a note inside of a pizza box.

  1. Order a pizza and grab the box before your crush gets to it. Write, “Will you be mine, or is this too cheesy?” on the inside. When your crush opens the box up for a slice, they’ll get a fun surprise.
    • Almost everyone loves pizza, so it’s a surefire way to get a good reaction!
    • You could even ask the pizza delivery person to write a note inside the box before they get to your home.

Fill the room with balloons.

  1. Get a ton of balloons and bring them to your crush’s house. Fill up their room with your fun decorations, then wait for them to get home so you can pop the question.
    • You could even get letter balloons that spell out “be mine?” for some extra sweetness.
    • Obviously, you should only do this if you’ve been to your crush’s house before and you have their parent’s or roommate’s permission to go inside.

Paint your crush a picture.

  1. Use your creativity to inspire romance. You can paint you and your crush in a candlelit restaurant, eating dinner at sunset, or enjoying the water on the beach. Present them with your painting and ask them out at the same time.
    • If you can’t paint, that’s okay! Try making a collage, drawing with colored pencils, or using Photoshop instead.

Plan a fun scavenger hunt.

  1. Write out 5 to 10 clues and send your crush on a hunt. When they get to the final clue, leave a note asking them out and surprise them with flowers or chocolates.
    • If you’ve known your crush for a while, you could pick places that are meaningful to the both of you.
    • If you don’t know them very well, pick popular spots in your city that might be easy to guess.

Dedicate a song to them on social media.

  1. Show off your musical prowess by singing or playing their favorite song. Post the video to Instagram or Facebook, then ask your crush out in the caption or at the end of the video.
    • This is a great tactic if you and your crush have been in band or choir together.
    • If playing music isn’t really your forte, you could always lip sync the lyrics or dance around to the song instead!
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