How to Create Intimacy in an Open Relationship

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30-10-2016, 06:24
Being in an open relationship has its benefits for some couples, but it can be harder to create intimacy and a healthy partnership when you're also open to seeing other people.


  1. Establish trust in the relationship. Trust and openness go hand-in-hand. Once trust is broken, it is gone forever. There will always be doubt about fidelity and truthfulness once the trust has been broken. Treat trust as inviolate (something that will not be breached under any circumstance), then your relationship will be built upon the strongest of foundations.
  2. Talk to one another. Keep your communication open; it will ensure that you're on the same page. At the same time, you can hear his/her problems, and offer support. It will help you feel closer to one another.
    • Decide on a set of guidelines for openness about who you're seeing. Some couples want to know about each outside partner, and others prefer not to be "in the loop." Make sure you agree on your rules and continue open communication within those parameters. Check in often and honestly about whether the open relationship situation is still working for both of you.
  3. Work to keep your romance alive. Go on romantic dates. Make sure you make time for each other, not just your other partners. Enjoy shared interests together.
    • Compliment each other. Positive words will make you both feel appreciated and positive.
    • Flirt to build the excitement and anticipation. Flirting, even in an established relationship, creates positive energy and ups the ante on intimacy.
  4. Be yourself around each other. In any relationship, you should be comfortable and open with one another. Being genuine and open will help build your relationship and lead to increased intimacy.
  5. Be open about sexual preferences and feelings. Not many couples talk about this critical aspect of the relationship, much less down in a serious conversation about sex, unless it is about somebody else. As partners, make sure to keep the passion alive. This validates one aspect of the relationship.
    • It is important to be open about your sexual intimacy with other partners if you are to have a truly open relationship. Openness is critical to properly protecting yourself and your partner from a health catastrophe brought on by sexually transmitted diseases.
  6. Keep checking in with each other about your open status. As people grow and relationship dynamics change, so can preferences for your relationship status. You can't maintain true intimacy in the relationship if you're not honest about your feelings. Make sure you reevaluate your situation on a regular basis - both for yourself and in conversation with your partner. Ensure sure you're still both on the same page, and be honest with yourself and your partner if you start to feel that openness isn't making you happy anymore.
    • Nothing is ever set in stone, and people do change. However, if you aren't feeling happy with your relationship dynamic anymore, you owe it to your partner to be open about that, rather than holding them accountable for complying with changing preferences that they don't know about yet. If your feelings have changed, you may need to break up, or your partner may be open to making your relationship exclusive - but you'll never know if you don't bring it up, and hiding your preferences will only set back your intimacy, and bring more upset upon both of you in the long run.


  • Always care about them. It will makes you become closer and more intimate.
  • Be yourself. Don't hide your feelings and yourself.
  • Make sure you try things in the bedroom with your partner that you always wanted to try. Or, you can do the best or most favorite thing that your partner likes more and better open up your sex life with one another.


  • Take utmost care to have sex in a protected, safe way. Be emotionally mature and prudent with your behavior. Get tested for STDs (sexually transmitted diseases) on a regular basis, and be open with your partner about the results.
  • Don't push your partner or be clingy, emotional, jealous or insecure.
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