How to Be an Educated Man

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26-09-2016, 02:40
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Being an educated man, isn't about being brainy and antisocial. Being educated can be attractive in his circle of friends, where people tend to look up to you. The more educated you are, the more benefits you would get in life.


  1. Be interested. Whether it is in with what others have to say, what others have written, etc., show active interest. Encourage other people to continue conversing and actually listen to them. Perhaps after they have left take notes. If reading, make notes during the conversation and compose a brief synopsis of all you have read. Do not be reluctant to return and read over difficult passages.
  2. Learn to entertain others. The mark of an educated man is that he is completely at ease whether on the periphery or at the centre. Cultivate confidence so as not to seem flustered when attention is placed upon you. This is where one may use your compendium of interest in odds and ends to enliven a conversation or where you may show compassion/affection by remembering things in other peoples' lives. Never stay too long at the centre of attention as it may incite the envy of less patient characters, take your time in the light and then kindly step aside. If you are the type of person who is known for your outgoing personality, wing it.
  3. Have dignity and gravity. Always know the general atmosphere of the occasion. Whether formal, informal, or romantic and act appropriately. You need to watch when you speak, especially the "Bad language and jokes with sarcasm". You can be misunderstood or judged easily. Some things are never right or wrong, only appropriate or inappropriate.
  4. Entertain yourself. You can learn more about a man in one hour of play than in a year of conversation-Plato. We are not always surrounded by others nor do we always wish to be. An educated man is capable of using his spare time more effectively than others. His recreation is both pleasurable but enlightening. He reads, watches documentaries, paints, writes, and cooks something new. (N.B. he does not do this every moment of free time, he knows when to do nothing as well: moderation even in moderation.)
  5. Entertain an idea. Ants and animals crawl across the face of the earth without ever considering the beauty nor the wonder all about them. An educated gentleman/lady takes time to consider the world around them, admiring, criticizing, being criticized, and thinking of improvements. They should be willing to ask the fundamental and unanswered questions of life, what is the meaning? What is right? Is anything certain(except death and taxes)? It should be done if only to encourage you into fully enjoying the small time that is allotted to us on earth.


  • Try to be orderly. Planning your day can help you get a lot more done and you will always seem calm.
  • If you are given any task, try organizing and drafting them out in a memo. Once you're done with a task, cross them out.
  • If your having your free time, take out some reading materials and read.
  • Be kind and polite. Even if you are more knowledgeable that that person, always have a low profile of yourself.
  • If you think that you can be involved in a conversation which a group of your friends are having, do not hesitate. Join and share some of your own info's that you have read.


  • Do not be pretentious and show off your learning, because that is petty and pettiness is the antithesis of education.
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