How to Add Stationery to Yahoo Email

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2-11-2016, 13:21
If you’re tired of composing your Yahoo! messages on a plain canvas, you can brighten it by adding a stationery. Using stationery for your emails can add your personality to your message, making it more colorful and interesting. There are a wide range of stationery available on Yahoo! Mail for free.


  1. Visit Yahoo! Mail. Open your preferred browser and go to the Yahoo! Mail page.
  2. Sign into your Yahoo! account. Enter your Yahoo! ID, or username, and password on their respective fields, and click the “Sign In” button. You will be signed into your Yahoo! Mail.
  3. Compose a new email. Click on the “Compose” button at the top left side, above “Inbox,” to start writing a new email. A plain window will appear where you can write your message.
  4. Click on the frame icon at the bottom toolbar. This will bring out the selection of stationery.
  5. Browse stationeries. Use the categories to filter the stationeries, and use the left and right arrow heads to move through them. Previews of the stationeries make your selection easier.
  6. Click on a stationery to select and use it. It will immediately be loaded into your composition window.
  7. Write your email. Continue writing your message on the stationery and click on “Send” once you’re done. Once your recipient opens the message, he or she will view it with your chosen stationery.
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