How to Plan Your Trip to Dalian

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9-11-2016, 19:48
Dalian is a city of multiple attractions that can be enjoyed with the whole family. Located in the north east of China, Dalia offers its visitors rich experiences in terms of its culture and heritage. This article will help you to plan a trip to this place of bliss, so that you can have a holiday to remember.

Planning your visit timing

  1. Choose when the best time to visit is for you and your family. As with any holiday, the trip to Dalian begins when you decide on which time is the best to visit.
  2. Keep in mind that to see the best that the city has to offer, your visit experience will vary with the season. Dalian experiences four distinct seasons of spring, summer, autumn and winter:
    • Spring begins late March and blossoms are blooming through until April. The weather will not be warm enough to please those who dislike the icy grips of winter winds during this season, but if a visit is made during spring, winter clothes are a good choice.
    • The best time to visit Dalian is summer when the weather is mild and pleasant. Summer begins in May and continues until September. During this period, the Dalian Chinese Scholar Tree Blossom Affairs and Commodity Export Fair takes place in the city, drawing many visitors. You can choose to visit Dalian when the entire city has this festive air. In August, when Dalian experiences the hottest weather, you will be able to enjoy a soothing dip in the sea or engage in water sports and sunbathe to your heart's content.
    • If you visit in autumn in late September, when the tourists start leaving the city, you can enjoy a more relaxing holiday with less crowds. The weather will however be a little cold and you will have to bring thick clothes to keep yourself warm. It is an ideal time to enjoy the ancient pastime of fishing, as many migrating fish swarm in large numbers during this period.
    • Enjoy the benefits of wintertime. Snow covers the city in November; this brings with it its own unique charms, as tourists get to enjoy such winter sports as skiing, winter swimming and mountain climbing. The government introduced the "3S" (spring, sports and shopping) tourist program, which can benefit the visitors in winter.

Choosing your accommodations

  1.  Research the hotel before making a booking. Choosing the hotel that you wish to stay is an important part of your holiday experience. Choose a hotel that is renowned for its service, attentiveness and comfort, to help you enjoy your holiday better––read online reviews to get an idea of what's liked by other tourists. As a first time visitor, it's probably best to choose a central location will also help you to explore the marvels that lie within the city area, making getting around a lot easier.

Planning your city tours

  1. Research available city tours. These will allow you to thoroughly explore and admire both the city and surrounding area. Tours have the benefit of having everything included and you don't need to worry about your basic Chinese. Dalian is rich with many wonderful attractions that are worth exploring.
    • Places that you must not miss as you stay in Dalian include: Dalian Discovery Kingdom, Dalian Forest Zoo, Pole Aquarium, Xinghai Square, Laohutan Scenic Park, Shengya Aquarium, Binhai Road and the beautiful Dalian beach.
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