How to Appreciate Autumn in a Mid Latitude Climate

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10-11-2016, 21:54
Some people absolutely dread autumn (fall). Fun in the Sun’s over, the chills is coming in, bills are rising, water's freezing, and there's nowhere to play, and nothing to there? School is also starting, and now the youth have to go to school and study to their fullest potential, rather than spending the summer in leisure. Some people loathe autumn, as it can be boring, there's nothing to do. However, autumn can be a wonderfully amazing season, you just need to explore those seasons, and learn more about them. Whether it is appreciating nature, or trying to have some fun, autumn can be your favorite season next time!


  1. Get used to the weather. Autumn is the time when winds breeze by to rid of the warm, hot summer. This transition can be unsuitable for some, especially those who lived in potentially warm climate. Try to cope with the cool weather coming, as it's a mere "hint" to winter. If you can learn how to appreciate the chilly climate, you will find the weather wonderful.
    • Get the proper clothing. Try to find coats/jackets, hats, gloves, sneakers, anything that can protect you from the chilly weather. Your body will get used to the climate soon enough and you won't have to wear as many layers. (This is also a great shopping chance for those who love to do it!)
  2. Appreciate the nature around you! Autumn is full of vibrant and passionate colors. You might also find some animals preparing for migration, or hibernation. You could find the following:
    • Animals
      • You might find some birds flying down South (there are 4,000 species that do so). In case you did not know, autumn is a time for many animals to migrate. You may also find butterflies. Monarch butterflies migrate in huge groups. (The display is very vibrant!).
        • Birds may include ducks, geese, swallows, swans, and many more! They move in flocks, so it makes wonderful photography opportunities.
    • Landscapes and Scenery
      • Autumn is the time when leaves start losing their abilities to create the green pigment from their chloroplasts, the leaves start to die, as deciduous trees lose leaves to stay alive (to save as much food as possible). the leaves then start turning into a wonderful, vibrant color. The trees then start turning into passionate reds, yellows, and oranges. Just sit down, relax, and enjoy the scenery!
      • Leaves also start to fall on the ground.(Hence the nickname, "Fall."
  3. Make a pile of leaves. This can be especially enjoyable for children. Just make sure the leaves aren't covered in water, it could become messy. You can make one by doing the following:
      1. Find as many leaves on the ground as possible.
      2. Rake them into a large pile.
      3. Make sure there are no dangers in the pile, such as any rocks, pebble, or perhaps a small child...
      4. Run...and jump!
  4. Acknowledge that Autumn is a time of harvest. After that long period of time that you have been waiting for growth, instead of picking summer blueberries, try going to an orchard or field and go apple or pumpkin picking! Apples are just as delicious as peaches to some people, and autumn is the time to get hand picked apples and pumpkins!
    • You can also make several desserts:
      • Some things you can make with apples.
        • Apple Pie
        • Apple Crumble
        • How to Make Applesauce
        • Caramel Apples
        • Apple Cider
        • Apple Jelly
      • And with pumpkins, comes:
        • Pumpkin pie
        • Pumpkin Soup
          • Note: there are many things to harvest in autumn these are just two.
  5. Celebrate the holidays! There are several holidays in autumn (World Wide too). Autumn is a time of festivals and fun! Here are a few:
    • Halloween
    • Moon Festival
    • Oktoberfest
    • Labor Day
    • Thanksgiving
    • How to Celebrate Dia De Muertos (Day of the Dead)
    • St. Martin's Day
    • And so many more!
  6. Try looking for fishing season. Sometimes, autumn can have fishing seasons where the natural fisherman can go enjoy his hobbies. Fishing seasons vary in different countries around the world, but surely, you'll be able to find one!


  • Always try to be optimistic about autumn. If you look at the bright side, things won't seem as bad as you think.
  • Be creative, try crafts, taking a walk, anything that could spice things up!
  • School in most countries is also in session. Remember to study, that's what some may not like about autumn, but good grades can make the experience better too.
  • If you have children, don't be afraid to play in the leaves along with them! It will make some wonderful memories for you AND your children, and it will help you stay in a happy mood.


  • Don't overeat any of the delicious desserts you make.
  • Always stay safe during any season.
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