How to Surprise Your Club Penguin Baby With a Family

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26-09-2016, 08:50
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So, you're bored with the cycle of you pick a baby they ask for a brother, sister, or e.t.c Well, follow these steps and that baby will be happy forever!


  1. Make your igloo presentable, like a real house. Make a room for you and your husband, a room for an auntie, uncle, both, Granddad and grandma, and anybody else.
  2. Make a living room with a TV, chairs, couch,and a little toys for the kids.
  3. Go to the pet shop and say, "Any families?" when you say that a lot of people in groups mostly a baby, a pet (puppy, kitty, birdie/parrot, fishy, bunny e.c.t.), a dad, a granddad and grandma, and e.c.t. those are the ones you want.(sometimes you have to do it one by one because a whole group of a family is very rare.)
  4. Add your family and take them to your igloo. tell them you are getting another baby to surprise them. (sometimes the baby of the family doesn't want a brother or sister and runs away and if they came in a group the family with leave with the baby.
  5. Tell them not to hide cause the baby might get scared when you bring them in.(Just think, the baby goes to its room and it finds another baby in their crib?)
  6. Tell them to stay there and get the baby.


  • Make sure to be nice to the baby and other family members.
  • Let's say the aunt is being more motherly to the baby because you're too busy, the baby will like the auntie better and oops! Your baby becomes your nephew or niece!


  • The baby might get sad because it only wanted you and them, try to comfort them and calm them down and say it will be fun having a family. If that doesn't work out and the baby runs away get another baby.(Maybe that one will be happy)
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