How to Prepare Yourself to Adopt a Child

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12-11-2016, 07:42
Every parent would agree that raising a child is the most beautiful feeling in the world. It’s not until you hold your child for the first time that you realize the true meaning of happiness and love, and just as the journey from preconception to pregnancy requires great attention, nurturing and care, the decision to adopt a child requires you to take extremely cautious steps. Even the slightest carelessness on your part can impact not just your family, but also the adopted child.


  1. Consult your family. Though adopting a child is the sole decision of you and your partner (or you alone), it is also important that you consult your family as they are your greatest support system. There are chances that they might raise concerns or even disapprove of your decision. Explain to them the significance of this decision in your life and reassure them that you are taking the necessary steps to ensure that things go smoothly.
  2. Do your homework. Ensure that you read a lot of books and magazines to gain good insights and to get relevant tips on adoption. Do thorough research on the best adoption centers that you can access legally. You might even like to approach and get the views from other adoptive parents that you may know.
    • Make a list of the do’s and don’ts based on your research.
  3. Know your finances. Just as all good things come at a price, so too does adoption. Depending on the agency you go through, the costs of adoption may vary. Whatever the case may be, bringing a new member into the family means additional financial responsibilities. Plan your finances well in advance before approaching an adoption agency.
    • Get a detailed account of your tax benefits and employer assistance, if available.
    • Clear all of your pending debts and make sure that you have enough savings before taking this big step.
  4. Get an expert opinion. Given that the process of adoption deals with many laws and includes a lot of paperwork, approach it through expert channels for the best reassurance that you're doing everything properly. Get in touch with an adoption attorney or a licensed agency that you can trust to help you throughout the adoption proceedings. A good adoption attorney/agency will be able to help you understand your state’s specific adoption laws and their implications. Going through an expert channel will ensure that things are as streamlined as possible with minimal discrepancies.
  5. Get your documentation in place. Before you visit an adoption center, ensure you have the necessary documents in place. The following list outlines the documents that you’ll need:
    • a. Financial statements
    • b. Marriage license
    • c. Notarized copies of birth certificates
    • d. Medical examination certificates
    • e. Pictures of you and your home
    • f. Letters of reference
    • g. Statement of purpose
    • h. Employment records
    • i. Criminal clearance documents
    • j. Fingerprints
    • k. A report on your home with deed
    • l. Other documents as advised by the adoption attorney.
  6. Approach an accredited adoption center. After exploring all possible options available and studying their pros and cons, decide on to which adoption center you want to go ahead with. While some centers support you throughout the adoption process, some expect you to take charge. Go ahead with the best suitable center in the area you live in, having given your requirements and constraints.


  • If you are considering an interracial adoption, ensure you get the right counseling and help to understand the culture and the subsequent implications of the adoption.
  • For a positive response from the adoption center, ensure that your application is very strong and that your statement is persuasive.
  • If you are planning to adopt an older child, be prepared to deal with emotional outbursts due to the child’s history (personal loss, sexual harassment, etc). Read support material and books. It's also a good idea to get a helping network in place before adopting the child, so that you have people you can reach out to for advice and help.
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