How to Take Care of Your Shoes

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31-01-2017, 14:18
Although you can save money by taking good care of your shoes a more important issue is that taking care of your shoes is taking care of your feet. Poorly maintained or shoes that don't fit can cause pain, blisters and other conditions.


  1. Polish your leather shoes regularly to preserve moisture and maintain shine.
  2. If the heels of your shoes are worn down or cracked take them to a cobbler to see if they can be fixed.
  3. Waterproof suede and Nubuck shoes and use a soft bristled brush to lightly lift away dirt.
  4. Fabric or canvas shoes can often be cleaned by hand or machine washing. Fill them with crumpled newsletter after washing to maintain their shape while drying.
  5. Rotate your shoes by wearing a different pair every other day. This will help your shoes last longer and wear less.
  6. Constant rubbing against your skin can cause uneven wear of your shoes. Try changing the thickness of your socks until you find a pair that keeps the shoes from rubbing you the wrong way.


  • Clean your shoes as soon as you notice they are dirty. Use a dry cloth and rub away the dirt.
  • Flex your shoes occasionally. If they flex in half below the shoe box they must be replaced.
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