How to Do Google Gravity

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Google Gravity is a javascript-based search engine trick that Google programmed in 2009. The original method for activating it may not work on your computer, because of changes to Google’s reprogrammed search page and automatic results. If so, you can access Google Gravity through a special link.

Google Gravity Via

  1. Open your Internet browser. For this method you will need to use a browser that doesn’t have Google instant results.
    • If you attempt the trick and Google populates results when you type “Google Gravity” in the search bar, you will need to turn off the instant results feature. Sign into your Google account, and then type into your address bar. Under “Google Instant Predictions” choose the option to “Never Show Instant Results.” Save the changes at the bottom of the page.
  2. Enter “” into the address bar. This will take you to Google’s main search engine.
  3. Type “Google Gravity” into the search query bar.
  4. Click “I’m Feeling Lucky” instead of hitting the return key or clicking “Google Search.
  5. Watch the Google buttons to come crashing down to the bottom of the page. Try this as a trick on friends or family that aren’t Internet savvy. They may believe they broke Google’s website.
  6. Click any of the elements, move your cursor and release them. You can throw them around the page. You can also pick up the Google logo and swing it around in a circle.
  7. Wait one minute for the search query bar to return. Use it as you normally would.

Google Gravity Via Link

  1. Open your Google Chrome browser. If you are using a different browser, the first method is more likely to perform well and surprise people.
  2. Type “” into your address bar.
  3. Click the Return button.
  4. Watch as Google’s menus come crashing down. You can pick up the words with your cursor and throw them around.
  5. Type a term, such as “flowers” or “coffee” and press “Enter. Google images will come crashing down from the top of the screen. Repeat with a different term and images will continue to fall and pile up on the site.
  6. Return to Google’s official site to get access to search results. This link does not provide a search function.


  • Google Gravity does not work on AOSP Browsers on most smartphones and tablets. It works on browsers like Firefox for Android and other such third party browsers. You should have a higher end android phone or tablet. On lower end devices this trick won't work.

Things You'll Need

  • Mouse/track pad
  • Keyboard
  • Touchscreen Monitor (optional)
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