How to Keep Warm on a Cold Winter Day

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1-02-2017, 07:54
It’s winter, it’s cold, and you really don’t want to leave your warm bed. Unfortunately, you can’t stay in bed all day, and you may even have to go outside in the awfully cold weather. How are you going to get the motivation to go outside, when you can’t even find the motivation to get out of bed? Well, here are some steps that can help you get out of that warm bed, so that you can use your day to do something productive.


  1. Get out of bed. To make this as pleasant as possible, you should put on your thickest socks, slippers and your bathrobe (It’s also a good idea to wear pajamas while you’re sleeping, that way you won’t get cold when you wake up and have to put on your socks, slippers and bathrobe).
  2. Pick clothes for the day.
    • Underwear. If it’s really cold, you should consider wearing thermal underwear. If it’s not that cold, you can use the same underwear that you normally use.
    • Socks. You can use the same socks as you wore when you woke up, or you can use some thinner ones if you are going to be wearing winter boots/shoes. Stockings is an option.
    • T-shirt or thin sweater. Optionally you can wear a blouse or a top. The only thing you want to check, is that whatever you choose is long enough so that your stomach won’t show (and thereby get cold).
    • Sweater. Or maybe you want to wear a shirt or a poncho? The great thing about sweaters is that they can be used over practically anything; a t-shirt, thin sweater, blouse, top and even a shirt. A poncho can also be a good option, since they can be really warm. The only negative thing about ponchos, is that it can be too big to fit under your jacket.
    • Trousers. If you’re going to be wearing jeans, you should consider wearing stockings or tights under them (especially if you’re going to be wearing skinny jeans). If you’re going to stay at home all day you should wear something comfortable, like sweatpants.
  3. Take a shower. We all have different routines, and preferences when it comes to showering. Some people like to shower in the morning, some like to do it in the evening, etc. One of the most important things about showering in the winter, is that you know how to keep warm after you’re done. Well, first you have to take a shower. Use hot water, and make sure you have a towel ready for when you come out of the shower. Your towel should be hot and dry before use. Try putting it in the dryer right before you shower. When you’re done, you should give special attention to your hair, and get it as dry as you can. If your hair is thick or long, you can use a blow dryer to get it fully dried. Alternatively to showering, you can take a hot bath. That way you’ll relax you muscles, plus it is a great way to end the day.
  4. Dance. As we all learn at school, you have to be in activity in order to burn calories. When you burn calories, you will get warm. The activity you choose to do is entirely up to you, since the important thing is not how but that you get warm. Dancing is just one of many activities you can do. If you choose dancing though, which is both fun and healthy, you should listen to upbeat music. Dance like you’ve never danced before, and have fun while doing it.
    • You don’t have to be inside in order to be in activity, there is actually even more stuff you can do outside. Before you go outside, you should check the “Pick the right outerwear” step further down.
  5. Eat. Your body needs food in order to keep you warm.
    • Breakfast is the most important meal of the day, and even more so in the winter. When you eat, your stomach will convert the calories in your food into energy. Make some hot coffee, cocoa or tea, and enjoy your meal.
    • Dinner is served, and what are you eating? Chicken soup! What a great choice. Not only is it warm and delicious, but it goes so well with bread or dinner rolls too.
    • Supper, supper, supper. What are you going to eat for supper? It’s best to keep it light, since it’s the last meal of the day. Not only is tea great for breakfast, it can help you calm down after a long cold day too. You should not drink cocoa or coffee though, since sugar and caffeine will keep you awake.
  6. Keep warm.
    • If you have a radiator in your house, it should be on at all times. If you don’t have a radiator, or you still think your house is cold, you should use your fireplace. Make sure to never leave the house while there is still flames inside it. If you have to leave the house you have to put out the flames first.
    • If your house is just a little bit cold, you can use a blanket to keep warm.
    • A great way to get your bed warm and ready for you to sleep in it, is by using hot water bottles.
    • Make sure that your duvet is thick enough, so that you don’t wake up freezing in the middle of the night.
    • Candles can actually give warmth, plus it can make your house super cozy. Just remember, like with the fireplace, that you can never leave the house while they are still burning.
  7. Pick the right outerwear. This is the most important step. In order to keep warm in the winter, you can’t be wearing just a thin jacket and jeans. You may think that it doesn’t matter what you wear, as long as you look cool, but this is not the case. You can actually freeze to death. So, what is more important; looking good, or staying warm and alive?
    • Jacket. Make sure to use one that is made for the winter, not some thin summer jacket. It doesn’t matter if it’s a bubble jacket or a trench coat made for winter, as long as it keeps you warm.
    • Shoes. High boots, low boots, boots with wool inside, converse with wool inside. Remember that it’s your feet that does all the walking, but never gets to move themselves. They are just stuffed into your shoes, with no way of moving the way your arms and hands are. That’s why you have to keep them warm.
    • Gloves. In the winter, your hands are exposed to both extreme warmth and cold. Your hands gets really cold if you don’t wear gloves, and then you have to go inside and wash them in very hot water. This is bad for your skin, and you can end up with dry hands.
    • Scarf. A thick scarf can make all the difference, especially on windy days.
    • Winter hat. Most of your body heat disappear from your head, so in order to “keep it inside”, you have to wear something on your head.


  • You can find all sorts of hats which are fashionable, and still keep you warm. And they can be affordable!


  • Never drink alcoholic beverages to stay warm. Even though it makes you feel warm, your body temperature is not really getting any warmer.
  • There is no particular order in this article, so you should read it all, and don’t start following it blindly step by step.
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