How to Use Aluminum Foil for Cleaning/Household Use

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1-02-2017, 14:00
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At a loss for cleaning products and need something fast? Instead of making a trip to the store, grab a box of aluminum foil and knock a few cleaning/household projects off your list.

Polish Silverware

  1. Gather dull silverware in need of a good polish. Set aside any pieces that need a little extra attention to detail (pieces with ornate handles etc.).
  2. Grab a large pan, deep enough to fill with enough cold water to cover silverware completely.
  3. Line the pan with a sheet of aluminum foil, covering bottom and sides of the pan.
  4. Fill pan with cold water and add approximately two teaspoons of salt. Stir mixture together so the salt dissolves completely.
  5. Add silverware to pan. Make sure the silverware is fully immersed in the water. If necessary prepare another pan with the same salt water solution if you have too many pieces that need to be cleaned.
  6. Allow silverware to marinate in the solution for up to three minutes. For stubborn stains, rub gently with a clean cloth and then return to salt water.
  7. Rinse each piece well and then transfer silverware to a dry towel and carefully rub until dry and polished.

Refresh Steel Wool Pads

  1. Rinse steel wool pad well to remove any debris, food or crumbs. Use a little soap to ensure the pad is clean and not harboring bacteria.
  2. Squeeze pad dry inside a clean towel. You may want to use either a paper towel or a rag if the pad is showing signs of rust.
  3. Tear off a sheet of aluminum foil and place steel wool pad in the middle of the pad. Make sure no water or residue remains on the wool pad (or wipe up with a paper towel if some remains).
  4. Fold aluminum foil and encase the steel wool pad inside. Seal tightly.
  5. Place steel wool encased ball of foil in the freezer and allow to sit overnight.

Use in the Laundry Room

  1. Clean starch build up on your iron by running a hot iron over a piece of aluminum foil.
  2. Remove wrinkles faster by placing a sheet of aluminum foil underneath the ironing board pad. The heat from the foil will interact with the hot iron, creating a smoother garment.
  3. Use a ball of aluminum foil in lieu of a dryer sheet. Crumple up a sheet of aluminum foil into a ball and toss into the dryer with wet clothes. The foil will remove static cling in the laundry.

Use as a Protective Barrier

  1. Protect mattresses from spills. Line a bare mattress with sheets of aluminum foil and then cover with a large towel. Add the mattress pad and the mattress should be protected.
  2. Line oven racks with aluminum foil to catch spills and splatters. However, don’t add a sheet of foil to the bottom of your oven, which contains your heating element (and could pose a fire hazard).
  3. Protect eyewear while you are dying your hair.


  • Use a fresh piece of foil per project.
  • Allow steel wool pads to sit on a sheet of aluminum foil to reduce the likelihood of rust.
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