How to Use SMS Forwarding to Text from an iPad

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25-04-2017, 00:20
If you have both an iPhone and an iPad, you can send regular SMS text messages, not just iMessages, from your tablet as well as your phone. It just requires a little bit of setup.

Configuring the Setup

  1. Open the Settings app on your phone. The icon looks like a grey gear.
  2. Select "Messages" from the Settings list.
  3. Tap the "Text Message Forwarding" choice. It's not very far down the list.
  4. Look for an iPad device on the list. If you don't see its name listed, it could be listed under its serial number. If you don't see any at all, check to ensure that both devices are associated with your same Apple ID, and try again.
  5. Flip the switch next to the iPad. The switch should turn green.
  6. Wait for the message on your screen that says there is a code on the iPad. Leave your iPhone on this screen, and check your iPad. You will be presented with a six-digit number on your iPad that you must enter on your iPhone.
  7. Enter on your iPhone the six digit code you found on your iPad. Then click OK.
  8. Sign into your Messages app on the iPad. Use the same Apple ID you used on your iPhone. You won't need to do much else to configure it from there.
  9. Ensure you are connected to a network (Wi-Fi or cellular). These settings can also be found in the Settings app of both devices.

Sending a Text Message

  1. Open your Messages app on your iPad. Begin a new text message to a contact that doesn't have iMessage, just like you would on your phone.
    • If the recipient is listed in green, they are using a device that doesn't support Apple Messages/iMessages. Thanks to your setup, you should now be able to message them regardless.
    • If the recipient is in blue, they are using iMessage and you can message them even without turning on the SMS texting feature.
  2. Type your message in the chat box. Any later messages sent between the two of you will be present on both devices - but at this stage, the windows may differ on your iPhone and iPad.
  3. Tap the green arrow to send the message to your SMS recipient.
  4. Wait for a reply back from your recipient.


  • Sending SMS messages through you iPad will still use your iPhone text messaging plan. If it doesn't seem to send, ensure your cell company hasn't shut off your service for some reason, and that the iPad is properly connected.
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