How to Remove Permanent Marker from Tile

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5-05-2017, 10:40
There are several methods you can try to remove permanent marker from tile. The first method uses a homemade, all-purpose solution to remove the stain from the tile. For textured tile, use toothpaste (or the all-purpose solution) to treat the stain. Then, use a toothbrush or a scrub brush to remove the stain from textured tile. If your tile is smooth, a dry erase marker may do the trick. Always remember to test each method on a small, hidden area before applying it to larger areas.

Making a Homemade Cleaning Solution

  1. Combine the ingredients. Combine ¼ cup of white vinegar, ¼ cup of washing soda, 1 tablespoon of liquid dish soap, and 2 gallons of hot tap water in a bucket. Use a large spoon or another mixing tool to mix the ingredients. Mix until well combined.
    • If this recipe produces too much solution, then half the recipe.
  2. Test on a small surface. Apply the product to a hidden spot. Let it set for three seconds. Then use a paper towel or rag to remove the product. Look for any kind of stains, discoloration, or residue left by the product. If there are any unwanted effects, then choose a different method.
    • Before using any type of solution or product on your tile floors, always test out the product on a small, inconspicuous spot first. This way, you can ensure that the product you are using does not produce any unwanted effects such as stains or discoloration.
  3. Pour the solution onto a rag or a cloth. Then, begin wiping the stain with the rag. Wipe the spot until the stain is removed. If the affected area is large, pour more solution onto the rag as needed.

Using Toothpaste on Textured Tile

  1. Use regular white toothpaste. Do not use gel toothpaste. If possible, choose a toothpaste product that contains baking soda such as Arm & Hammer. Toothpaste is great for removing marks from tile that is textured.
  2. Apply the toothpaste to the mark. Cover the affected area with the toothpaste. Let the toothpaste set for a minute or two. The longer the stain has been on the tile, the longer you will want to let the toothpaste set.
    • For example, if the marker has been on the tile for a 24-hour period, then let the toothpaste set for at least five minutes.
  3. Use a sponge to wipe off the toothpaste. After the toothpaste has set, begin wiping it off with a sponge. If your tile is textured, then you may want to use a toothbrush or a scrubbing brush to remove traces of the stain from smaller crevices in the tile.
    • Once the stain is removed, clean the affected area with soap and water to remove any residue.

Using a Dry Erase Marker on Smooth Tile

  1. Purchase a black dry erase marker. You can purchase dry erase markers from your local pharmacy, arts and crafts store, or discounted retailer. Make sure to purchase a black dry erase marker as opposed to a colored one.
    • Remember to test a small, hidden area first before using it on larger, affected areas.
  2. Trace the affected area with the marker. Instead of tracing the entire stain, start by tracing a small part of the stain first. This method works best on smooth tile. For textured tile, the toothpaste or all-purpose solution may be more effective.
  3. Wipe off the marker with a paper towel. Or you may use a rag or cloth to wipe off the traced sections. If the stain isn’t completely removed the first time, then re-trace the remaining spots with the dry erase marker. Wipe until the stain is removed.
    • Use warm water and soap to clean the affected area after the stain is removed.


  • Never mix cleaning products together. If one method does not work, then wash and dry the affected area before trying a different method.
  • Always try to treat stains as soon as possible—the longer a stain sets the harder it is to remove.

Things You'll Need

  • White vinegar
  • Washing soda
  • Liquid dish soap
  • White toothpaste
  • Dry erase marker
  • Paper towels or rag/cloth
  • Toothbrush or scrub brush
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