How to Facebook Tag Someone Only by First Name on a PC or Mac

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5-06-2017, 10:40
This wikiHow teaches you how to tag a friend on Facebook by their first name and drop their last name from the tag.


  1. Open Facebook on your internet browser. You can use a browser of your choice.
    • If you're not automatically logged into Facebook on your browser, enter your email address or phone number and your password to log in.
  2. Click Home. This button is located on the top navigation bar towards the upper-right corner of your browser window. It will open your News Feed.
  3. Click on What's on your mind? This is the text field at the top of your News Feed under Create a Post.
  4. Type in the @ sign. You can manually tag a friend in a post by typing their name after the @ sign.
  5. Type your friend's name after the @ sign. You will see a drop-down list of names as you type.
  6. Select your friend from the menu. It will tag your friend in your post. You will still see their full name.
  7. Click at the end of the tag you just added. You will now see your cursor at the end of your friend's name.
  8. Press the ← Backspace or Delete button on your keyboard. It will delete your friend's last name from the tag.
  9. Click Post. This button is in the lower-right corner of the Create a Post dialogue box. It will post your tag and/or message on your Timeline.


  • The Tag Friends button does not allow you to delete your friend's last name. You have to manually enter a tag if you don't want to show the last name.
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