How to Remove the Dealership Logo from a Vehicle

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13-06-2017, 13:20
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All cars come with emblems displaying the brand names or dealers. Tired of these pesky emblems? Some emblems are bolted on and you will need to have these shaved by a professional but, many emblems are actually held on by foam stickers. This article will show you how to remove them easily.


  1. Wash the area around the emblem with warm soapy water. This optional step will prepare the area.
  2. Use a hair dryer to add a little heat to the emblem, or remove it on a warm day. Heat it enough so it's warm to the touch, this loosens up the glue.
  3. Keeping it warm, take your fingers and slowly peel back the sticker.
  4. If simply peeling the warmed sticker doesn't work, try any of the following:
    • Spray a bug and tar remover or WD-40 onto and around your emblem.
    • Use a plastic spatula, fork, or floss or fishing line and go behind the emblem and act like you're flossing it off, to slowly break loose the glue bonding your emblem to the car.
  5. Continue slowly till the emblem is entirely removed..
  6. Once it is removed, remove any left-over glue with a goo removal product, such as Goo Gone, 3M Adhesive Remover or WD40. Wax area when done for best results.


  • Go slowly for best results!

Things You'll Need

  • Hair dryer
  • Bug and tar remover or WD-40
  • Plastic spatula, fork, floss or fishing line (optional)
  • "Goo Gone" or "3M Adhesive Remover"
  • Car wax (optional)
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