How to Buy Good Skate Shoes

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A good pair of skate shoes can protect your feet when you are skateboarding. Skateboarding tricks can put a lot of strain on your feet, so it is important to have a shoe that will provide proper support. Choosing the right shoes is a matter of how much you skate and your style of skating, but it can be easy if you know what products are available and which ones are best for your needs.

Learning About Skate Shoes

  1. Learn about your style of skating. There are number of different types of board tricks. Which ones you perform will determine what kinds of shoes you will need to look for.
    • One of the most common types of board tricks is the ollie, which is a jump performed by tapping the tail of a skateboard on the ground. These can be modified to add a spin before the jump (kickflip), or by tapping the nose of the board on the ground instead of the tail.
    • Aerials are performed when all four wheels of the skateboard are off of the ground. Landing an aerial requires a lot of support on the sole of the foot and heel.
    • Another type of board trick is the grind. These are done by scraping one or both axles of the skateboard on a curb, railing, or other surface. These require a flexible shoe that allows you to have greater control over the board.
    • Slides are another form of skateboarding trick. A noseslide is performed by sliding the underside of the nose of the board against a ledge. A tailslide is the opposite; these are performed when the underside of the tail of the skateboard slides against a lip. A railslide is when the underside of the board slides against a railing.
  2. Know what styles are available. There are different kinds of skate shoes, but these have different functions and looks.
    • There are two main kinds of skate shoe: one geared towards heavy defense against the impact of aerials (cupsoles) and another for greater control of board tricks like grinds (vulcanized).
    • Vulcanized shoes are slimmer and more similar to casual shoes. They are thinner, lightweight, and flexible. Vulcanized shoes offer more maneuverability and board feel for tricks like grinds or slides. These shoes aren’t as cushioned as other skate shoes, so you might consider another style with heaver soles if your heels bruise.
    • Cupsoles are another type of skate shoe with more cushioning and a thicker sole, designed for skaters who jump from higher distances or who like to perform aerials.
  3. Learn about cushioning. Different skate shoes have varied types of cushioning, which can affect how your shoes protect your feet.
    • Most skate shoes have a midsole which is made from lightweight EVA foam that can help with impact when your foot or board hits the concrete.
    • Midsoles made from PU foam may last longer, if you want a more durable product.
    • Some skate shoes have dual heel cushioning. Vulcanized shoes often have this extra layer of cushioning at the heel to make up for their thin soles.
    • Many skate shoes have a heel collar for added stability around the heel and to prevent a shoe from slipping off during skateboarding.
  4. Educate yourself on durability of different skate shoes. You will want shoes with the following features:
    • Lace guards will help to prevent all the skateboarding you do from chewing up your laces. Some skate shoes have these, which tuck lace loops between the tongue and outer lip of the shoe.
    • Added upper layers of material will prevent wear and tear from constant contact with grips from skateboarding. Some shoes have added triple stitching for added durability.
    • The outer sole is the critical contact point between the skater and the board. Look for a shoe with a flat outsole for grip, made out of gum rubber. Gum rubber grips better and lasts longer than other types of rubber that shoes are made out of.
  5. Know your brands. Reputable companies have been making durable and safe skate shoes for decades. [Image:Buy Good Skate Shoes Step 4 Version 2.jpg|center]]
    • Emerica, Fallen, Dekline, Circa, Duffs, and Etines are very well known.
    • If you want the best shoes with the best grip, wear, and flex then you want to get Vans, Adio, Globe, DC, Nike, Lakai, and DVS.
    • Osiris brand are very stylish but aren’t as durable for skating.

Picking Skate Shoes

  1. Decide if you really need skate shoes. If you aren't going to skate too much, then you don't really need them unless you're just in it for style.
    • Skate shoes resemble casual style sneakers, but are more expensive.
    • Chances are, you will find a pair of casual sneakers that look similar to skate shoes and be able to spend less money.
    • Consider that skate shoes may be more durable in the long run, but casual shoes might be more comfortable if you aren’t actually skating.
  2. Think about your skateboarding style. Your skating style might be better for one type of shoe vs. another.
    • If you do more board tricks like ollies, grinds and slides, then you will need a more flexible shoe with a thinner sole, like vulcanized shoes.
    • If you want to do jumps such as aerials you will need something with a thicker sole and heel protection for impact, such as shoes with cupsoles.
    • Make sure your shoe is durable enough for your style of skating. If you are doing minor board tricks, you might not need as strong a shoe as someone doing more elaborate tricks.
  3. Don’t be afraid to buy something more expensive. If you skate often, an expensive well-made shoe will last much longer than a cheaper alternative.
    • The right skate shoes can save you from a foot injury if you land wrong while skating.
    • Try the shoes on for comfort. If your feet don't feel supported or if the shoes rub your feet too much, try a different size or a different brand.
    • If you aren’t skating often, you might be able to go with a cheaper shoe, especially if you aren’t doing aerials or complicated board tricks.


  • If you know experienced skaters, ask them about their own preferences.
  • Some shoes have a removable sole, which lets you take out the sole and put your laces under it. You should do this if your shoe has this feature.
  • If you're comfortable wearing your own shoes, that's fine, but skating will really wear them out.
  • If you find that your shoes are wearing out way too fast, and you don't have enough money to buy new ones, try using duct tape
  • If you put duct tape on the parts of your shoes that suffer the most abuse (the side and front foot), the lifespan of your shoes will increase greatly.
  • Good skate shoes will allow you more freedom and ease when doing tricks, so slightly more expensive shoes are well worth the investment.
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