How to Print from Your iPhone

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24-09-2016, 03:40
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Being able to print from your iPhone can be useful for a variety of tasks, like printing pictures, emails and articles. This article shows you how to automatically print the messages and attachments you want with just a couple taps. Read on to find out how to print using your particular software and printer.


  1. Have an AirPrint-supported printer. If you have an iPhone 3GS or later, you can print using AirPrint with the right kind of printer. Major printer brands like Brother, Canon, Dell, HP, Lexmark, and Samsung have made AirPrint compatible printers in recent years.
    • Check the instruction manual that came with your printer or call the company that made it if you aren't sure whether your printer is AirPrint compatible.
    • If you don't own an AirPrint compatible printer, you can still use AirPrint by finding a network that has an AirPrint-supported printer at your workplace or in another facility.
  2. Configure the printer to use AirPrint. Some models automatically work with AirPrint, but others have to be configured first. Determine whether you need to change settings on your printer to enable it to use AirPrint. Make sure the printer is on the same wireless network as your iPhone.
  3. Open an iPhone application that supports AirPrint. Most apps from Apple fit this category, including Mail, Safari, and iPhoto. You can also print emails, documents, and pictures from your phone.
  4. Open the item you want to print and select "share," then "print." When you select share, you'll see a drop down menu that gives you options to text the item, email it, and so it. You will also see an option to "print"; select it.
    • If you want to print an email, touch the arrow on the bottom of the screen that points left (as you would to reply). If you're looking at a webpage, find the icon with a right arrow partially inside a box. When more options show up, touch Print.
  5. Select the printer. When you press "print," a screen listing available printers will open. Select the printer you know to be AirPrint compatible. Enter the number of pages to print, the number of copies you want, and change any other settings you'd like to change before printing.
  6. Tap "print." When you're ready, press the print button and watch your document, email or picture start printing.

Printing Apps

  1. Visit the iTunes app store to find printing apps. You'll find a selection of apps you can use to print items from your iPhone. Check out How to Download and Use Applications from the iTunes App Store for extra information on downloading apps.
    • To use HP ePrint, a free printing app, you'll need a networked HP printer or any supported HP printer with an internet connection. This app also supports cloud-based printing to HP ePrint-enabled printers, whether at home or at public printing facilities.
    • The app Print from IRM will print to any printer, including all AirPrint printers. Print also prints multiple file types and is featured by Apple as compatible with iOS 5 & iOS 6.
    • PrintCentral, from EuroSmartz, will print to all printers—not just AirPrint printers—and will print over 3G networks when Wi-Fi is not available.
    • Breezy for iPhone has moderate reviews, but it's easy to use, and you don't have to be connected to your home wireless network to print. You can also fax and print documents to printers near you.
    • ActivePrint by Pocket Watch, LLC. will print documents and photos to any printer, including AirPrint printers. ActivePrint also supports printing over the internet to ActivePrint Cloud Printers and Google Cloud Printers.
    • PostalPix is another app you can use. Search for the relevant app in the App Store on your iPhone. Download the app. Select the size of print you'd like. Select the photos from your iPhone you'd like printed. Add a delivery address. Pay for the order. Wait for the prints to be sent to you.
  2. Download an app and use it with your printer. Choose an app that works with the printer you have, make sure your printer is configured to be used with it, and print from your iPhone to the printer.

Alternative Methods

  1. Print using MS Outlook. You can set up a new mailbox in Outlook that is used specifically for documents you want to print. Set it up by following these instructions:
    • Select Rules & Alerts from the Tools menu. Copy the rule, "Clear categories on mail." When Outlook asks for the destination folder, choose Inbox or select your specific email account. Click OK.
    • Double click "Copy of Clear Categories on mail" to edit it. Check "With specific words in the subject" and uncheck "From people or distribution list" in the Rules Wizard.
    • Set up the the subject line. Click on the blue "Specific Words" and add "Print Me" or "To Printer" or any other phrase to the rules subject line search list.
    • In the next window check "Print it". Click next.
    • Specify a name for this rule.
    • Check "Turn on this rule" and click finish.
    • Test it. Send yourself or forward an email from your iPhone with the phrase you chose in the subject and it'll print automatically when Outlook checks for mail. If it doesn't check often enough, go to "Options", tab "Mail Setup", button "Send/Receive" and change the default check period.
  2. Use automatic print email software. This type of software only works on Windows, and is free for 30 days. Try it by following these instructions:
    • Download the Automatic Print Email software on your computer.
    • Create a separate free Internet POP-accessible email account, like Gmail or Yahoo!. This will be the email address to which you will forward all the emails you want to print.
    • Set up the automatic print email program to check and print both the email message and attachment automatically, or whichever you prefer.
    • Click on "Your email account" in the top-left corner and then on the "New Account" link.
    • A wizard will pop up to help you set up your account. Start by entering what you'd like to name the email account, and selecting whether this is a POP3, IMAP4, or other type of account. Type in the server address for incoming mail. Then enter in your username and password for logging into your email account.
    • Choose the printer that you'd like every email and attachment to print from. Click on the blue "Settings" link if you want to modify the print settings, as you won't get to do so for each print job. If you scroll down, you can also opt to have the program delete the email after printing it.
    • When you get an email on your iPhone, just forward it to this new email account to send it to the printer.


  • If you don't want to set up automatic printing, you can still print documents from your iPhone on an as-needed basis if you have a wireless printer connected through the Internet.
  • The email methods work for more than just the iPhone. Any PDA-type phone that can send email can use them.
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