How to Make CD Earrings

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26-09-2016, 23:40
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Are you a music guru, or just want to find a perfect gift for a musical companion? Do you want to be a little different from everyone else? Do you want to show the world how creative and musical you are? Then this WikiHow is the best one for you! CD earrings are perfect for pierced ears. If you love large earrings, CDs are great, as they are not only big, but also light and won't tug your ears.


  1. Gather the needed supplies as listed at the bottom of the article. Make sure to read carefully and get the right supplies.
  2. Holding one of the CDs, drill a small hole in the top of the both of the CDs. You can use a drill, a staple gun, or even a hole puncher to do this. Make sure to have permission if you are younger.
  3. Hook the jump ring into the hole you just created. You can buy a jump ring at a local jewelry store or a craft store.
  4. Take the earring hanger and hook it onto the jump ring
  5. Pinch the jump ring closed with needle-nose pliers. Make any adjustments needed to ensure that it fits easily. Repeat on the remaining CD.
  6. Test out the wear of your new earrings. If you don't mind large objects dangling around your face, you're ready to wear them out. If you do, you might like to only put them on once you arrive at the event you're dressing up for.
  7. Optionally, you may decorate the finished product with markers, sequins, rhinestones, etc.


  • Use scratched CDs you haven't thrown out yet to make this project more earth friendly.
  • Using a drill with an appropriate bit will make it less likely for the CD to crack.
  • You can also buy mini-CD's that are 3 inches (7.6 cm) in diameter which would be safer and more comfortable.
  • Avoid adding any additional heavy decorations.


  • Heavy earrings may tear out and cause injury.
  • Use proper safety precautions; wear protective eye wear.

Things You'll Need

  • Jump rings
  • Two CDs
  • Earring hangers
  • A drill, or something else to make a small hole in the CDs.
  • Needle nose pliers
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