How to Bring Your Minecraft World to Life

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27-09-2016, 01:45
After playing the same world for hundreds of hours, your house and world may begin to look like the same old stuff over and over again. If your world looks boring and stale, follow this guide to bring it to life!


  1. Get a new texture pack. Sometimes, it not your creations that are boring in your world, but simply the way the look. Search a few community websites like Planetminecraft for a texture pack that suits you.
  2. Make Furniture. No house or world would be complete without a few personal things for your character to use. Some easy things to build include:
    • Couches. Put two stairs next to each other and a sign on either side of the stairs.
    • Sinks. Put a hopper down with a an iron block under it.
    • Toilets. Put a cauldron down, and a trapdoor on top of it. Put two iron blocks behind the cauldron, and a lever on the side of the top iron block.
    • Tables. Put a fence post down and a pressure pad on top of it.
  3. Redo your house. Is that one story wood house boring you? Try building a new, bigger one with new supplies! Stone bricks can bring out the detail in houses, and wood blocks look better than planks for corners! Experiment with different combinations of materials until you think the house suits you.
  4. Play with other players. You don't spend all your time alone in real life do you? Have a friends or two over and create something together, it will take half the time and will mean a lot more to you.
  5. Add foliage. In the real world, houses don't just have a door and then the empty world. Add a few leaf blocks next to your door and some flowers near your garden. Add a path from your front door to a place, add a pond in your backyard, make anything you want!


  • Glowstone looks better for lighting than torches.
  • Symmetry makes your creations look more professional.


  • Use non flammable blocks for 'Heating units'. Lava should be avoided if your house is made of flammable blocks (like wood). This shouldn't be a problem if your house is made of inflammable blocks (like stone and bricks).
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