How to Cancel an Uber Ride (as the Driver)

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13-09-2017, 18:00
Uber Drivers are always told to accept trips, but if you've accepted a trip that you know you won't be able to take or handle, it's imperative that you cancel their trip, quickly if possible.


  1. Recognize the best time to cancel a ride. Although the best time is before you actually pick up the rider, it can be done at any point.
    • If you are driving when you have to cancel the ride, pull over to cancel the ride.
    • Recognize that you can't cancel a ride once you've picked up the passenger and started the ride using the "Start Trip" slider. If you already have, you must complete the trip, or drop the person off where you currently are (or where they can grab another Uber ride) and end the trip - then dispute the transaction and tell Uber to refund the rider's money as it was an unfilled trip. Keep in mind, this might cause the rider to give a smaller star rating below 5 stars, so be aware!
  2. Tap the rider's name. This will make an arrow appear alongside the rider's name.
  3. Tap the arrow to the left of the rider's name. If you tap right on the name again, the drop-down will no longer display.
  4. Tap the cancellation button. This button will look like a circle with a line through it. It may or may not be colored red.
  5. Tap the reason why you need to cancel the ride. The possible reasons include too many passengers for a car, and too much luggage to fit in the trunk. There's also an option for "Other" and for "Do not charge rider". Once tapped, the action will be saved.
    • Tapping "Do not charge rider" will increase your cancellation rate percent number (visible in the Account tab). Try not to cancel a ride unless it is your last decision on the pickup of the rider. And if you are going to, make sure you cancel in a timely manner.
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