How to Do Puzzle Nail Art

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14-09-2017, 18:00
Do you love nail art and want to try a new and impactful design? These puzzle nails are simple to create and will add a creative touch to your look.


  1. Remove any old nail polish. Soak a cotton pad in acetone-free nail polish remover. Rub the cotton pad over the nails until all nail polish is gone.
  2. Rub your nails with vinegar. It may sound strange but vinegar can help nail polish stay on for a longer period of time. Soak a piece of paper towel with vinegar, and wipe the vinegar onto your nails. Allow to dry (this step is optional but it's best if you do it).
  3. Apply a base coat. Warm up the bottle by rolling it in between your hands. Open up the bottle and paint on a thin layer of base coat to prevent the nails from damage.
  4. Apply a base colour. Decide what colour you'd like; choose wisely, you want this colour to compliment the next colour you use. Paint a thin coat on all of your nails and allow to dry.
  5. Stick some tape on the nails. Cut two small square pieces and place them diagonally on the nail, leaving two square spaces without tape on the nails.
  6. Apply a second colour. Paint over the areas with no tape with a thin layer; the colour you chose should compliment your first colour.
  7. Remove the tape. After you've painted over the squares with no tape, remove all the tape quickly; don't let it dry. You should be left with four squares on your nails.
  8. Use a dotting tool. Dip a dotting tool into nail polish and add a dot for each box, making sure to connect the dot with the previous box to give a puzzle-like shape.
  9. Clean up the nails. Dip a small brush in nail polish remover to fix any polish that may have gone on your skin.
  10. Apply a top coat. Seal in the design with a nice top coat, allow to dry and you're done!
  11. Now you can show off your cool nails to the world.


  • Instead of just using two colours, you can use a wide variety to make your nails look even more cool!
  • Nail polish remover with acetone can be used; however, acetone is a harsh chemical that can lead to future damaged and brittle nails.
  • Use colours depending on the occasion for example: red and green for Christmas or orange and black for Halloween.
  • You can use a bobby pin instead of a dotting tool.

Things You'll Need

  • nail polish
  • nail polish remover
  • dotting tool
  • tape
  • scissors
  • base coat
  • top coat
  • vinegar (optional)
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