How to Circle a Number on Microsoft Word

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16-09-2017, 23:00
This wikiHow teaches you how to add a circled number (also known as an “enclosed alphanumeric”) to your Microsoft Word document.


  1. Open Microsoft Word. If you’re using Windows, click the Windows menu, select Microsoft Office, then Microsoft Word. If you’re using a Mac, you should find the Microsoft Word icon on the dock or launchpad.
  2. Click Insert. It’s at the top of the screen.
  3. Click Symbol. You’ll see it on the panel at the top of the screen, toward the right.
  4. Click More Symbols….
  5. Click the “Font” drop-down menu. It’s near the top of the window.
  6. Select Arial Unicode MS.
  7. Click the “Subset” drop-down menu. It’s right next to the “Font” menu.
  8. Select Enclosed Alphanumerics.
  9. Click the circled number you want to add.
  10. Click Insert. The circled number now appears in your Word document.
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