How to Stay Safe at a Gas Station

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9-10-2017, 07:00
Stopping at a gas station to refuel may be second nature to most motorists, but exercising common sense in regard to your safety when there is always important. Here are some tips for staying safe when refuelling.


  1. Go to the gas station during the day if possible. Generally speaking, incidents are more likely to occur if you go to a gas station after dark or especially in the middle of the night, when there are few others around. If you're on the road early in the morning and run out of fuel, call a breakdown service for assistance or ask a friend/family member to pick you up instead.
  2. Look for a well-lit gas station in a reasonably safe neighborhood. Sometimes you may not have a choice, but you shouldn't have to feel nervous when stopping to refuel in a dark area or an unsafe part of town if you have alternative options.
  3. Once you find a petrol pump and leave your car, turn off the engine and lock the doors. Never leave your car running idle or your doors unlocked as you refuel, even for a few moments or if there is another passenger inside it.
  4. Keep your personal items by your side. Do not leave your handbag, wallet, mobile phone, etc, in the car.
  5. Refuel and move on. After you've filled up the tank and paid for your fuel, seal the petrol cap and return to your vehicle promptly. Don't dawdle.


  • While not a guarantee of preventing any wrongdoing, being accompanied by at least one other person when refuelling is better than going alone.


  • Be cautious and use discretion if approached by someone asking for money, use of your phone, etc.
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