How to Sell Furniture Online

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7-12-2017, 14:00
Selling furniture online is a great way to clear out pieces taking up room in your house. You can make a little cash and create space for new furniture. To sell online, figure out a price for your furniture, then take photos and write an ad. List it on a website that allows local sellers to list furniture to find the perfect new home for your pieces.

Pricing Your Furniture

  1. Determine its condition. Yes, you love your old couch, but have you really looked at it lately? Before deciding how much to sell your furniture for, you need to determine what condition it's in. It could be like new, or it could just have a few scratches here and there. It may also be a bit more worn, or it could be an old junker.
    • Keep in mind that you'll find a market for furniture in any of these conditions, but you'll have to price it accordingly.
  2. Compare prices on similar furniture. Look up furniture that is similar to yours. By looking at different pieces, you should be able to get an idea of what to price yours at. You don't want to price it higher than similar pieces because it likely won't sell.
  3. Use a furniture calculator online. With a furniture calculator, you put information about your furniture into a price generator. You'll need information like the age, the brand, and the general condition. It will give you a general idea of what your piece is worth. You can find one at:
  4. Think about the piece's age. Generally, the older your furniture is, the less it will go for. Of course, you'll find exceptions to that rule, such as antiques. However, condition tends to be slightly more important than age.
    • You can try pricing the piece at 20 to 50 percent of the original price.

Taking Photos of Your Furniture

  1. Clean up your furniture first. No one wants to see the stains on your old table or microfiber couch. Scrub it down before you take a picture, so your furniture can look as good as it possibly can. For fabric furniture, you may want to vacuum it and spot-treat it, for instance.
  2. Include multiple photos in your ad. You'll get a lot more views if you include photos. Buyers are more likely to click on an ad with photos. Plus, no one wants to buy blind when it comes to furniture. Smartphone pics are fine, as long as they are clear and taken in good lighting.
  3. Line up your shot without clutter. People want to see your furniture, not the mess. Clean up the area around the furniture. In fact, it's a good idea to take any extras off the furniture, such as pillows, decorative fabrics, vases, or throw rugs.
  4. Take photos from all sides and angles. Give the buyer a full picture of the item by photographing it from all sides. It also helps to be at eye-level with the furniture, as it will put the furniture in proper perspective.
  5. Use good light. Good lighting will make almost anything look better. The best lighting is natural light, so try to take pictures during the day in a room with a lot of sunlight. If the piece of furniture is small enough, you can even lug it outside and put it on an old bedspread for a photo.
  6. Skip the stock photos. You may be able to find stock photos of your furniture online. However, people want to see the actual furniture you have in your home, not a brand-new model. While you might include a stock photo for reference, you need to take actual pictures of your furniture, too.

Writing a Great Ad

  1. Create a story. The ad is your opportunity to really sell this piece of furniture. Highlight its best features, such as how comfortable it is, the color, or it's great wood details. If it has a story (such as it was handmade), play up that detail. Think about what attracted you to the piece in the first place, and be sure to include that in your ad.
  2. Include the basics. Beyond telling a story, make sure you include all the basic information about the furniture, such as how big it is and what material it's made out of. The buyer wants to know as much information about the piece as you can provide.
  3. Anticipate questions. Try to answer as many questions as you can ahead of time. Put yourself in the buyer's shoes. What would you want to know about the piece of furniture? For instance, is it easy to cleanup? Is your home pet-, bug-, and smoke-free? How long have you had the piece? Buyers will be curious about the answers to these questions.
  4. Describe your furniture accurately. Be upfront about the condition of your furniture. You don't want angry buyers who will leave you with a bad review or refuse to pay. Even if your furniture isn't in perfect condition, there's likely still a buyer out there for it.

Listing Your Furniture

  1. Pick a couple of sites to list on. The more sites you list on, the more exposure your piece will get. However, you don't want to go overboard, as it may become difficult to keep up with the buyer's questions on different sites.
    • Try Craigslist, Letgo, Facebook, Chairish, Krrb Appeal, to name a few.
    • Pick the best market for your piece. For instance, Chairish is more for designer pieces, while sites like Craiglist and Facebook are more of a free-for-all.
    • Also, it's important to compare the costs. Some sites charge a fee for listing, while others take a percentage of the sale. Others are free to list.
    • A few, like AptDeco, will pick up and deliver furniture for you (for a fee, of course).
  2. Set up a profile. Most sites would like you to set up a profile. Often, buyers will trust you more if you add a picture and a little about yourself. Plus, many sites have review systems, where you can leave reviews for buyers and buyers can leave reviews for you.
  3. List your piece. Add your description to the site's ads. Upload the pictures you took of your furniture. Keep in mind, some sites may limit how many photos you can upload, so you may have to pick your best shots. Make the price clear. It's best to list items separately if you can.
    • Be clear about pickup and/or delivery. Note if it's pick-up only, or if you're willing to deliver.
  4. Answer buyers' questions. After you've uploaded your ad and submitted to the site, questions are likely to come in from potential buyers. Answer each one as promptly and as honestly as you can.
  5. Haggle as needed. Many buyers will expect to haggle with you. You can lower the price or stand firm on it as you see fit. Keep in mind, you may sell faster if you are willing to come down a bit on the price.
  6. Sell your item by agreeing on a price. Once you've completed all your steps, you've hopefully found a buyer. You can complete the transaction if you both agree on the price. For safety's sake, make sure to always have a friend around when a buyer arrives.
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