How to Convert an Openoffice Spreadsheet Into a Database for Mail Merge Documents

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8-12-2017, 11:00
When LibreOffice users want to create a mail merge document (.odt) but the data source is a spreadsheet (.ods), they may need a little guidance. The secret is creating a database file (.odb) that fits in the middle.This process may work for OpenOffice users as well.


  1. Put all your mail merge information into a spreadsheet file (.ods).
    • Put headings in the first row to serve as labels for your information. An example of headings would be the words "FirstName", "LastName", "Address", "State and Zip".
    • Fill columns with the actual data that will be merged into your document, one contact per row. The contact data should match the first row header.
    • Your actual header columns and data rows should be personalized to your needs.
    • You don't need to use any special formatting or styles since the data is just information that will be formatted by your mail merge document.
    • Save your file. Remember the name and location of the file.
  2. Create a database file (.odb) that connects to the spreadsheet.
    • In LibreOffice, choose "File>New>Database". The database wizard dialog will open.
    • Select "Connect to an existing database".
    • In dropdown list, choose "Spreadsheet".
    • Click "Next" to advance to "Set up Spreadsheet connection".
    • Click "Browse" to select an LibreOffice spreadsheet. Select the spreadsheet file (.ods) that you created in Step One, and click "Open". If your spreadsheet had more than one sheet, each sheet will convert to a separate table in the database.
    • Click "Next" to advance to "Save and proceed".
    • Deselect "Open the database for editing" since you have completed editing in Step One.
    • Click "Finish" to save the database.
    • Save the database with a helpful filename.
  3. Create your mail merge document, such as a letter, labels, or envelope. (This article presumes that you know how to create this type of document.)
    • While creating your mail merge document (.odt), you will need to choose which database file to connect to your mail merge document. Choose the .odb file that you created earlier as it will be registered with LibreOffice and will contain a table of the data that is in the saved spreadsheet file (.ods).
    • Insert the database fields.
    • Format the document as you would like it to appear.
    • If creating labels, select "File>New>Labels" to open the label dialog box. In the Labels tab, select your Database, Table, and Database Fields. In the Options Tab, select "Synchronize Contents" so that you can update all formatting uniformly from the first label on the page.
    • If making labels, you may need to choose "File>Print>Form Letter Yes>All Records OK" to see the print dialog and page preview. You can resize the dialog box for a better preview of your labels.
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