How to Save Money While Shopping at Whole Foods Market

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9-12-2017, 18:00
Shopping at Whole Foods Market is different than shopping at any different place as it only sells organic, freshly sourced food and supplies but is also expensive at times.

Before You Leave

  1. Subscribe to the Whole Foods email newsletter. You might find a few pop up sales which could help you save money.
  2. Know what you are looking for if you are shopping in the produce section. Keep an eye out for a scale as that indicates that you can buy fruit and vegetables by the pound. Weigh the produce using the scale so you know the cost before you check out.
  3. Budget for your grocery trip so you don't purchase impulsively as there might be something that gets your attention. You can use a Price Book to help create a food budget.
  4. Know what is on sale and when. Weekly usually sales begin on Wednesday. Minor holidays as such as national cookie and Pi Day (Pi Day is on March 14th) calls for discounts on certain brands of pies and cookies and, there may be brands you like on sale too!
  5. Use social media to track local Whole Food sales. You might find a limited surprise sale at your local Whole Foods grocery store.
  6. Download the Whole Foods Market app to stay in the loop for more deals and savings.
  7. Check the Whole Foods online coupons. Use the coupons while shopping.

While Shopping

  1. Pick up the coupon book. Scan through the coupons and use them while shopping. You should be able to use the coupon book for later shopping trips. Be sure to check the coupon expiration dates.
  2. Buy in bulk and by case.
    • You may receive a discount for buying in bulk and by the case.
  3. Bring your own reusuable bags.
    • There is a discount for each reusable bag you bring. A small discount is better than no discount!
  4. Ask an employee to portion out and sell you the amount of food you need. For example, a Whole Foods employee could cut a head of cabbage in half and sell it to you. The same goes for buying meat and seafood. Whole Foods employees will portion out and cut the exact amount of food you would like to purchase. Preventing food waste automatically saves money.
  5. Buy the "Value Packs" of meat and fish as they price per part, not unit.
  6. Check out the $4 and under cheese section. You might walk out the door with a nice selection of cheeses for under $10.
  7. Look at store brand items as they cost less and still taste just as good as name brand products. Whole Foods' brand is Everyday 365.
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