How to Hide Reddit Posts on PC or Mac

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29-12-2017, 07:00
Community Tested This wikiHow teaches you how to hide the Reddit threads you don’t want to see when you’re using a computer.


  1. Navigate to If you haven’t yet signed in to your Reddit account, type your username and password, then click Log In to do so now.
  2. Search for the post you want to hide. Type the post’s title or some keywords into the search bar and press ↵ Enter or ⏎ Return. If you prefer, go to the subreddit on which it’s posted, then scroll down until you find it.
  3. Click Hide. It’s a gray text link beneath the post’s name (between “save” and “report”). The post is now hidden from Reddit.
    • If you sign out of Reddit, the post will no longer be hidden.
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