How to Draw Newt Scamander

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20-04-2018, 14:00
Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them is a movie written by J.K. Rowling set in the same universe as Harry Potter. 70 Years before Harry was even born, a magizoologist with a special case gets into some mishaps in New York City. Although (sadly) we can't really meet him or any of his special creatures, a picture of our protagonist isn't that hard to make. This wikiHow will teach you how to draw our precious, lovable Newt Scamander!


  1. Get a reference picture. Do a search for Eddie Redmayne, the actor who plays Newt, or a screenshot from the movie itself. The second option is preferable because he would be in costume and everything.
  2. Draw an oval as a starting point. It doesn't have to be anything too specific, as this is just a guideline and you'll be erasing it later, but try to show the general shape of his face the same way it's shown in your reference.
  3. Make some light guidelines to help you place his features. You'll be erasing these later. Notice proportions and relationships between the guidelines, such as the relation of the tip of his nose to his earlobe.
    • This tutorial shows one way to draw guidelines for a face, diagonal lines. If you're used to another method, such as drawing one horizontal line and one vertical line in a cross, go ahead! You should draw with methods that are comfortable for you.
  4. Indicate his hair with a few light lines. Try to capture something like the outline, but under emphasized. You just want to get a shape to help you later on. Detail isn't your main focus right now.
  5. Draw a few curves lines on both sides for his shoulders. The picture being drawn in this tutorial is Newt from the shoulders up. If your reference image shows his whole body or something else, you can draw the whole thing if you want to. Or, you could try to imagine it with just the shoulders, maybe covering the rest with a piece of paper. It really is up to you.
  6. Place some indications of his features. Don't draw the whole thing, as we will be adjusting them later. You don't want to draw the most beautiful, detailed eye in the world only to find out that you drew it in the wrong place. We only need simple notation, such as a half heart for his ear, oval shapes for his eyes, a few lines to show the direction of his hair, and so on.
  7. Refine your lines and make them neater. This includes not only his hair, but also the shape of the jaw. Erase what you don't need of the original guidelines afterward.
  8. Add some simple shapes to his neck. Think about how you can capture his clothes in a "simplest form." Maybe his bow could become three rectangles. Maybe one collar is trapezoidal but the other looks like a few triangles. Draw it how you see it with minimal detail.
  9. Fix up his shoulders. At first, they were rendered with just a circle. Now is the time to change that. Erase and redraw his shoulders to look more realistic, mimicking what you see in your reference.
  10. Solidify his facial features. Breathe life into his eyes with a pupil, iris, and some highlights. Add some more strands of hair, show some of his ear's structure, draw his lips, and so on. Erase the guidelines when you're done. You shouldn't have any more of your original guidelines left.
  11. Refine everything. We mean everything. Give his hair more texture, show how his collars fold, and add some wrinkles in his clothes. Do this until you are pleased with your final product. Darken this and erase any lighter lines.
  12. Color, shade, or leave it as it is. If you're also a fan of Harry Potter, you'll know about the four houses. Newt is a Hufflepuff, so his scarf is yellow and black. His coat and eyes are blue and his hair is brown. The individual details will vary based on your reference picture.


  • If you're drawing this digitally, you can take colors directly from your reference image using the color dropper tool.
  • Determine a light source before shading. Try to see where the light is coming from on your reference image and mimic that.
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