How to Fold Interlocking Origami Rings

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26-04-2018, 07:00
Origami rings are surprisingly simple to make. These two rings look like two separate pieces of paper, but they're not!


  1. Start by folding your piece of origami paper in half, corner to corner.
  2. Fold the right side of the triangle to the top.
  3. Turn the object over and repeat.
  4. Open up the very center of the triangle and open it up. Press it down; it will become a triangle again.
  5. Fold the point of the triangle to the bottom edge.
  6. Flip the object over and fold the short end to the bottom.
  7. Flip the object over again and fold the shorter end on top to the bottom. You now have a stick shaped object.
  8. Open the entire piece of paper up carefully. Do this without ripping the paper. Don't cry!
  9. Pinch all the corners against the creases. Fold the sides in.
  10. Turn over and repeat again,
  11. Turn over and repeat again.
  12. Fold the model in half so it looks like an X.
  13. Fit the ends with their opposite ends to create two interlocked rings.
  14. Surprise your audience as you pull apart the object!
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