How to Clear Local Storage on Telegram App for PC

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2-05-2018, 07:00
Telegram is a free instant messaging service for different platforms. Telegram helps you to send messages, photos, videos and files to your friends. You can also create groups and channels on Telegram for free. This wikiHow article will help you to learn how to clear local storage on Telegram app for PC.


  1. Open Telegram app on your PC. It's a round icon depicting a paper flight in blue background. Search Telegram on the Start menu to quickly find the app. Click on the START MESSAGING button to sign into your account.
  2. Click on the menu icon. You can find the triple bar icon on the top-left side of the app. You'll see the menu tab after doing so.
  3. Navigate to the Settings. Click on the Settings option, between the Calls and Night Mode options.
  4. Scroll down to Advanced Settings. Click on the Manage local storage option, under the Advanced Settings title.
  5. Clear the local storage. You will see the local storage data on the pop-up screen. Click on Clear all and wait for the clearing process to complete. When it's done, click on OK. Finished!
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