How to Obtain the Hylian Shield in Zelda: Breath of the Wild

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The Hylian Shield is far and away the greatest shield in the entirety of Breath of the Wild, boasting an almost indestructible durability rating of 800, and an impenetrable defense rating of 90. To put that in perspective, the second strongest shield you can get without an amiibo has a durability rating of 60, and defensive strength of 48. However, getting it won't be easy- it's in Hyrule Castle, which teems with ancient horrors and brutally difficult enemies. This wikiHow will demonstrate the easiest way to get the shield (and some nice weapons for your trouble).

Finding the Shield

  1. Start at the southwest tunnels under the castle's foundation.  You should see a mine cart rail running under it.
  2. Use Cryosis to cross the river.  The waters move too fast for swimming, and you're likely to drown before you get there.
  3. Enter the opening on the left side.
  4. Take the ramp upstairs in the West Passage.
  5. Break down the wall with a remote bomb.
  6. Go left at the fork.
  7. Break the wall at the end of the hall. You will emerge in a closed prison cell- you're in Hyrule Lockup, where you need to be.
  8. Shoot the Dark Eye that's keeping the doors to the cell closed.
  9. Fight the Moblin and the Lizalfos that are patrolling the area. There's a Blizzard rod in the cell the Lizalfos was trapped in, if you need it.
  10. Take a left after leaving the cell you came in from, to this gate. It should be at the end of the hall.

Battling for the Shield

  1. Prepare for battle. To obtain the shield, you must fight the Stalnox- a ghastly skeletal Hinox.  Thankfully, the weapons you got from the Moblin and Lizalfos should be more than up to the task.
  2. To fight the Hinox, shoot its eye with an arrow to stun it, then attack while it's stunned.  At a certain level of health, its eye will pop out when you do this.  The eye will fly away from any hit, making a combo impossible. Hit it, sheathe your weapon, then do a running strike.  Repeat until the beast is dead.
  3. Wait for a treasure chest to appear...
  4. Congratulations.  You are now in possession of the best shield in the game, bar none.  This beast of a shield is capable of taking over 20 blasts from a Guardian before it's ready to call it quits.


  • On the off chance it breaks, don't worry- complete the village reconstruction sidequest and the town vendor will sell replacements for 3000 rupees.
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