How to Make a Ceiling Look Higher

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2-07-2018, 01:00
With more people living in apartments and spec houses these days, low ceilings have become a common design problem. There are lots of architectural ways to increase a room’s size, but that isn’t always possible. By using a few tricks with paint and decor to redesign the room from top to bottom, you can give the appearance of a higher ceiling without physically increasing the height.

Painting the Room

  1. Paint the ceiling white or a light color. Painting is one of the cheapest ways to make a big change to a room. Light colors are always recommended for small rooms or low ceilings.
    • If you prefer dark walls, avoid using white on the ceiling. This creates a horizontal line that will make the ceiling look even lower. Try painting the ceiling a few shades lighter than the walls instead.
    • Pale blue or aqua tinted ceilings give the illusion of distance and will make ceilings look further away.
  2. Choose a matte finish for best results. Color is not the only aspect of the paint that can contribute to the apparent height of the ceiling. A matte finish hides flaws and draws focus away. A glossy finish creates a reflective surface with benefits similar to a mirror but can also show imperfections.
  3. Paint the crown molding. By painting it the same color and sheen as the wall, you can give the appearance of pushing the ceiling up a few inches. If there is a big difference in ceiling and wall color, choose a shade somewhere in between for the crown molding.
  4. Paint vertical stripes. The more contrast between the colors of the stripes, the bigger difference it will make.
    • Besides painting, there are lots of other ways to get stripes on the wall. Wallpaper and paneling work well too. You can even use washi tape.

Styling the Walls and Windows

  1. Construct vertical patterns with wall hangings. By placing artwork and framed pictures vertically and in a linear pattern on the wall, you can create more visual interest upward. The more vertical shapes in the room, the greater illusion of height.
    • Place items as close to the ceiling as possible. For a more dramatic effect, choose one large vertical item to accentuate the height.
  2. Use mirrors to increase light. Mirrors are often used to make rooms look bigger by reflecting light and giving the appearance of an ever-expanding room. By hanging a vertical mirror or even leaning it against the wall, the same effect can be made on the height of the room.
    • Again, one large vertical mirror positioned close to the ceiling will have the most benefit.
  3. Install window treatments close to the ceiling. Make sure that the curtains reach the floor or even pool at the bottom for an even greater appearance of height.
    • Use a bold pattern on the curtains if it is the the only pattern in the room to accentuate the height.
    • Another option is to remove window treatments altogether to increase light. You’ll have to consider the loss of privacy or use of blinds with this option.
  4. Position shelves near the ceiling. Not only will you draw the eye upward, you will also open valuable floor space by creating storage off the ground. You can increase the height interest by adorning the shelf with bold pieces like large colorful vases.
    • Extra precaution should be taken with shelving installation, especially overheard. Make sure you level the shelf and anchor it to a stud to avoid injury.

Decorating the Room

  1. Use low profile furniture. This technique will increase the actual space from furniture to ceiling and make the ceiling look higher. Large, bulky furniture will make the space seem closed in and less spacious.
    • Be deliberate in what you buy to furnish a room with a low ceiling. Make each piece count and consider lighter colors to really open up the space.
  2. Add uplighting. Install sconces or wall lights to draw the eye upward. Even a well-placed lamp can make a ceiling look higher.
    • Position lights to shine toward and up the wall when possible to create more reflective light and attention upward.
    • Avoid pendant lights and the use of overhead lighting which bring the focus downward.
  3. Accessorize with tall items. Branches, candles, and large vases that reach upward toward the ceiling are great at drawing the eye upward. Place these items in the corners of the room to create high corners and maximize the height all around.
  4. Place a bold rug on the floor. When in doubt, distract. Use the bold pattern to draw attention away from low ceilings. Similar to the window treatments, avoid too many patterns in the room. If you decorate with a bold rug, keep the rest of the room simple.
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