How to Make a Bow out of Your Hair

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28-08-2018, 09:00
Expert Reviewed A hair bow is a chic style that looks impressive, but it is actually quite simple. Sported by Lady Gaga, it looks like a bow made entirely out of hair. The basic style pulls all of your hair up into the bow, but if you prefer a more romantic style, you can try a half-up bow instead! Your hair must be long enough to pull into a looped bun in order for this to work.

Creating a Basic Bow

  1. Brush your hair to remove any knots or tangles. This technique will be easier on straight hair, but you can do it on wavy or curly hair too. It is more important that your hair is nice and smooth, as it will be easier to work with.
    • If you have wavy or curly hair, you can also blow dry it straight.
  2. Pull your hair into a high, looped bun on top of your head. Gather your hair and start to pull it into a high ponytail on top of your head. Wrap a hair tie around your ponytail however many times it is necessary to keep it secure. On the final wrap of the elastic, however, pull your ponytail only halfway through to create a looped bun.
    • Make your bun tight against your head, but not so tight that it causes tension.
  3. Split the bun in half to create 2 loops. Find the middle of the bun, then divide it in half to create 2 loops. Pull the left loop towards the left side of your head, and the right loop towards the right.
    • Don't pin the loops down yet, or you'll have a harder time completing the following steps.
  4. Pull the rest of the ponytail over the center of the bow. Gather the rest of your ponytail and smooth it as much as possible; use some water or hairspray, if necessary. Pull the ponytail up and over the top of your bow. Position the ponytail right between the 2 loops.
    • This will create the center part of the bow.
    • This part of your ponytail consists of the few inches of hair sticking out of the bun.
  5. Divide the ponytail in half and pull each strand under each loop. Keeping your ponytail pulled over the top of the bow, split it in half. Take the left half and slide it under the left bow loop towards the back of your head. Repeat for the right half of the ponytail and the right bow loop.
  6. Secure the ponytail strands with bobby pins. Use bobby pins to secure the left and right ponytail strands to your hair. Place the bobby pins right under or just behind the bow loops. Arrange the bobby pins and your hair so that the center part of the bow is nice and smooth.
  7. Roll and tuck the ponytail strands into the bow loops. This not only hides the ponytail strands, but it helps poof out your bow! Take the left ponytail strand and roll it tightly. Slide it under the left bow loop, then tuck it into the bow loop. Repeat this step for the right ponytail strand and right bow loop.
  8. Set your bow with bobby pins and hairspray as needed. Use your fingers to fan out the loops until you get the look you want. Pin the edges of the bow down with more bobby pins, if needed. Give your style a light misting of hairspray, then let the hairspray dry before setting out.

Creating a Half-Up Bow

  1. Start with smooth, brushed hair. This method will be easier if you have straight hair, but you can do it with curly or wavy hair. Make sure that your hair is smooth and neatly brushed.
    • Curl hair hanging out of the ponytail curling iron for a romantic touch. Remember not to curl the ponytail itself.
  2. Pull your hair into a half-up looped bun. Gather your hair into a tight half-up ponytail, just above the tips of your ears. Wrap a small hair tie around your ponytail. The final time you wrap the hair tie around your ponytail, only pull your ponytail halfway through. This will create a looped bun.
    • Make sure that the bun is on top and the rest of the ponytail is under the bun.
    • If you have thick hair or want a more delicate bow, gather the strands from the left and right sides of your face, just above your ears.
  3. Divide the bun in half to create 2 loops. Split the looped bun in half so that you have 2 skinny loops, 1 on the left and 1 on the right. Rotate the loops so that the holes are facing the floor. The flat part of the bun should be facing the back of your head.
    • If you were to look at the back of your head, you shouldn't see a sideways 8. You should see 2 solid buns or triangles.
  4. Fan the loops out and bobby pin them to your head. Working 1 loop at a time, use your fingers to fan the loop out and create a triangle shape. Bobby pin the back of the loop to the back of your head, then repeat the process with the other loop.
    • The loop has a front and back. You only want to pin the back. If you pin both the front and the back, the bobby pin will be visible and ruin the effect.
  5. Create a half-up flipped ponytail. Take the ponytail that's sticking out from under the loops. Create a hole in the ponytail, right between the elastic and your head. Stick your finger up through the hole, catch the half-ponytail, and pull it down through the hole.
    • This will make the middle part of the bow. If you want it to be thinner, split the ponytail in half first, before you flip it.
    • A flipped ponytail is also known as an upside down ponytail, a topsy-turvy ponytail, or an inside out ponytail.
  6. Set your style with hairspray. Focus on the bow as well as the top and sides of your head. Once the hairspray dries, you are ready to show off your style.
    • For a nicer touch, curl both parts of the half-up ponytail with a curling iron.


  • If you are doing this yourself, it may be helpful to work with 2 mirrors; this way, you can see the back of your head.
  • You don't have to make the basic bow on the top-center of your head. Try it off-center for a chic look. You can even create 2 looped ponytails and make 2 bows!
  • Use bobby pins and hair ties that match your hair color.
  • For a fancier touch, braid the ponytail before you pull it over the loops.

Things You'll Need

  • Hairbrush
  • Bobby pins
  • Hair ties
  • Hairspray
  • A comb
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