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8-10-2016, 10:20
How to Stop Your Twilight Obsession
Has the story that has taken the world by storm caught your attention? Do you desperately wish to be Bella Swan, or believe that Edward Cullen will come to sweep you off your feet, and you have now come to terms that your obsession is out of hand?
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4-10-2016, 19:35
How to Act Like a Warrior Cat
Do you read, think, and dream Warriors? Well, you've come to the right place. In this article you will learn how to be a Warrior Cat!
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1-10-2016, 03:15
Are you a die-hard Potterhead with a passion for cooking? Or are you planning a party for a fan?
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30-09-2016, 04:35
How to Create a Warrior Cat Prophecy
Many plots in the Warriors series involve prophecies given to the cats by StarClan. You may want to include these in your fanfiction as well. There is a particular style for writing these prophecies, so follow these instructions to write a realistic one that will create suspense for your readers and help advance your plot.
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27-09-2016, 12:25
How to Talk Like Gollum
Ever wanted to talk like nasty little usss from Lord of the Rings? This is an article for you, is it, precious? Yes.
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