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18-10-2017, 11:00
How to Make a Bat Costume
If you need a fast, easy costume for the night, look no further! Bat costumes are easily customizable and appropriate for all ages. All you need is a quick trip to your local craft store and some elbow grease.
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6-10-2016, 07:50
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How to Make a Cow Costume
With a few easily obtainable materials, you can make a cute little cow costume for Halloween.
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30-09-2016, 21:25
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How to Make a Bee Costume
Children and adults can have fun with a bumblebee costume. Wings, antennae and a black and yellow striped trunk make a homemade bee costume noticeable and fairly simple to construct. Use wire hangers and some craft supplies to make this costume for Halloween or your next costume party.
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