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24-02-2017, 09:40
How to Improve the Quality of Your Voice
Contrary to the popular saying, practise doesn’t necessarily make perfect; it does, however, make better! There are a lot of practical things you can do to improve the quality of your voice, from learning to breathe properly to avoiding certain foods, to trying specific warmup exercises before singing or speaking. These aren’t overnight solutions, but with time and work, you can
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18-02-2017, 06:40
How to Play Acoustic Guitar Tab
Expert Reviewed Tablature, or guitar tab, is a simplified system for writing guitar and bass music. Instead of notes or music theory, it simply tells you where to place your fingers, telling you the string and fret of each note you need to play. As such, it is easily learned and, with practice, you can use it to learn almost any song ever recorded.
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1-02-2017, 11:36
How to Rent a Musical Instrument for Your Child
Are you the parent of a young band or orchestra student venturing for the first time into the world of musical instrument rental? This guide is designed to inform you of what to expect when you go to rent your first instrument.  Despite the hassle this may bring at first, remember that band or orchestra has the potential to be an amazing experience for your child! 
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1-02-2017, 09:24
How to Play Chasing Cars on Guitar
Chasing Cars is a very popular song by the band Snow Patrol. It is arguably the easiest and most popular song to play on the guitar. Whether you're just staring out, or you want to learn how to play a song that everyone can sing along to, Chasing Cars is a great choice.
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1-02-2017, 08:00
How to Make a Region Choir
Most every state should have an Allstate Choir, a very prestigious and elite choir that only takes the best of the best singers. However, before one gets there, one must make it into the Region Choir, and sometimes that's not so easy, especially if one lives in a state like Texas or California where thousands of people compete. Follow some tips to make it into the first level, a region
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1-02-2017, 02:48
How to Get a Hiphop Record Deal
This article describes a general idea on how to get a record deal from a hip-hop/rap label. Every artist or band, no matter what genre of music they perform, dreams of that perfect record deal that will shoot them straight to super stardom.
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1-02-2017, 00:12
How to Make Your Singing Voice Sound Better
Do you want to sing for a talent show? Or just to impress your friends? Follow these tips, and you'll be better than you were!
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31-01-2017, 18:18
How to Play the Trombone
Nothing can stop a trombone when it whips out its power. It's one of the deepest symphonic instruments, and one of the most powerful. There aren't many things that are more impressive than a rank of marching trombones playing. Trombones can also be lyrical, and their origins are in church music. There are a number of different sizes. Some claim there's a soprano trombone, while others
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31-01-2017, 12:30
How to Expand Your Singing Voice Range
Every person is born with a fixed vocal range. You can't really expand that range, so much as you can learn how to sing the notes at the top and bottom of your natural range more comfortably. To expand your singing voice within your range, learn how to properly warm up, make the most of your voice without straining it, and practice vocal exercises that encourage your voice to reach new
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30-12-2016, 09:18
How to Read Guitar Music
Expert Reviewed This article will cover the basics of how to read guitar sheet music. This is not about how to read tabs––rather, it's about music written in standard notation. Guitar music is written on the treble clef, the upper half of the grand staff. Guitar music is transposed up one octave, meaning that what you are actually playing sounds one octave lower than what is written.
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