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How to Play the Trombone
Nothing can stop a trombone when it whips out its power. It's one of the deepest symphonic instruments, and one of the most powerful. There aren't many things that are more impressive than a rank of marching trombones playing. Trombones can also be lyrical, and their origins are in church music. There are a number of different sizes. Some claim there's a soprano trombone, while others
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22-10-2016, 04:20
How to Have Better Tone on a Trombone
Just making noise on a trombone is an easy thing to do. But if you ever want to get a solo or anything like that in your band, you have to have good tone.
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1-10-2016, 01:50
How to Develop Embouchure on Trumpet
Embouchure is defined as the way the lips and tongue are applied to a woodwind or brass instrument. Developing your embouchure is part of learning how to play an instrument and sustaining good musicality. The characteristics of a good embouchure are control, tone, endurance and range. Read the suggestions below to learn how to develop embouchure on a trumpet.
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Everybody wants a clean, well working instrument. Why not you? This article is for the Tenor (with or without F or C attachments), alto, and valve trombones. It also includes how to wash your mouthpiece.
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