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1-02-2017, 09:24
How to Play Chasing Cars on Guitar
Chasing Cars is a very popular song by the band Snow Patrol. It is arguably the easiest and most popular song to play on the guitar. Whether you're just staring out, or you want to learn how to play a song that everyone can sing along to, Chasing Cars is a great choice.
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30-12-2016, 09:18
How to Read Guitar Music
Expert Reviewed This article will cover the basics of how to read guitar sheet music. This is not about how to read tabs––rather, it's about music written in standard notation. Guitar music is written on the treble clef, the upper half of the grand staff. Guitar music is transposed up one octave, meaning that what you are actually playing sounds one octave lower than what is written.
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5-10-2016, 12:15
How to Tune a Guitar to Drop D
Drop D is an easy-to-master alternative tuning for guitar in which only one string is changed from standard EADGBE tuning. In Drop D, the sixth string (normally tuned to low E) is instead tuned a whole step down to D. In recent decades, Drop D has become popular in modern rock and metal for its deeper, darker sound and because it makes power chords easier to play (though the tuning has
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24-09-2016, 02:35
How to Play the C Major Scale on Guitar
Scales are a great way to warm up on your guitar before breaking into an awesome riff that will impress all your friends. An easy scale to learn is the C major scale.
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